Thursday, October 27, 2016

Celebrate National Cat Day: 5 reasons to adopt a cat!

Popoki the cat in her bed

This little red bed is, hands down, the favorite cat nap spot for sweet Popoki. If she isn't outside watching the birds from her catio, she's snoozing away the hours in this little bed (which is made for dogs, but that's a story for another day).

Anyway, she looks very relaxed in this bed. And she should. When she's in this bed, she feels warm and protected and safe.

But it wasn't always this way.

Just a year ago, Popoki was one of the estimated 3.4 billion cats that entered the shelter system, looking for a new home. Luckily, she found me. Many other cats aren't so very lucky.

And October 29th is devoted to all of those shelter cats. It's National Cat Day, and here are 5 reasons you should celebrate the day by heading to the shelter to take home a new companion.

1. This is a slow time for cat adoptions. 

During the summer season, animal shelters are absolutely stuffed with little kittens, and they are very alluring to most families. They work a little like bait to bring adopters in, and often, adopters take home an older cat when they can't find the kittens they want. The kittens bring them in, but the adult cats seal the deal.

In the winter, all of that stops. There are no little kittens to bring adopters through the shelter doors, and that means adult cats languish and hope people will come to visit them. If you adopt now, you're helping to ensure those older cats aren't forgotten.

2. This is a great time to introduce a new cat to your home. 

The holidays can be full of hustle and bustle. But they're also full of time away from work and school. That makes the holiday season a great time to bring home a new family member. You'll be around to make introductions, conduct playtime and otherwise help the new cat to understand the rules of your household. If you're off at work or school, those tasks are a little harder to complete.

Popoki looking tired and regal in her cat bed

3. There are far more cat looking for homes than families looking for cats.

Let's face it: Many cats that enter the shelter system just never make it out again because there are too many cats and too few homes. Every time a family chooses to take home a cat, those numbers even out just a little bit more. Your adoption could, almost certainly, help a cat to avoid a shelter death. 

4. The cat you rescue is bound to be your devoted friend for life. 

I think cats know when people rescue them. They can sense what they avoided, and they can be very loyal to the families that save them from the difficulties they might have faced alone. Popoki, for example, is one of the most loyal and loving cats I have ever met, and she always looks for me and tries to cuddle with me, even when I am working. Sure, she might have been like this even if I didn't rescue her. But I think it's more likely she feels this way about me because I did rescue her. She knows I helped her. 

5. Because: cats! 

Why do you need a reason to take home a cat? They're awesome little bundles of fun, whether they're playing or sleeping or just looking gorgeous. Everyone should have one.

So what do you say? How are you going to celebrate National Cat Day? Leave me a note in the comments, won't you? Love to hear your plans.


  1. We love celebrating National Cat Day. We hope thousands of cats get adopted this year!

  2. Great points! Your kitty has such beautiful eyes!

  3. What great reasons to adopt a cat! But #5 is my favorite.

  4. Great post--i hope it inspires some people to adopt a cat!

  5. Excellent post. No convincing needed here, I love cats.