Monday, October 24, 2016

October 2016 BarkBox review: Spooky dog toys and dog treats!

Liam the pug with his BarkBox

Liam the pug might not look very excited. But believe you me: This is one thrilled little dog. Why? Because the mailman brought him his BarkBox shipment while I was away from home at a business conference. He's been staring at that box for about a week, just waiting for me to get home so we could open it up and investigate what's inside. He tells me the wait was more than worthwhile, due to the really cool dog toys and dog treats we got this month.

Let me tell you more!

First, let's talk about the favorite toy in the shipment, both for the dogs and for the humans.

Liam the pug with his new toy

I adore a good Halloween gag, and this month's shipment had plenty of things for me to chuckle over. But this toy is the funniest one we got. Yes, it's shaped like a plot of earth with an attached tombstone dedicated to a squirrel. This thing cracks me up.

But it's a great dog toy, too. Every square of the turf contains a little squeaker toy for the dogs to play with, and the headstone also has a squeaker. It's very durable, and it seems enjoyable to gnaw on, as Sinead has been attached to it since it arrived.

Now, let's talk treats. We had three different snacks in this month's shipment.

Three sets of treats from BarkBox

We've received these marrow bones from Butchers Block Pet Treats in prior boxes, and I know the dogs really love them. My dogs aren't able to swallow the bones whole, and they've never chipped the bones with their teeth. They eat the marrow, rip the skin off the edges and call it good. But they need about 30 minutes to do all that work, so these are great treats to hand out when you need to get a lot done.

Next, we have a meat-based treat from Caru. They're grain-free snacks, and the first ingredient is beef. They're a fairly firm treat (a little like jerky), and I know my dogs will appreciate them when we're out on our walks.

And finally, we have some soft treats from a company called Chloe & Cupcake (which doesn't have a website--so weird). These are very soft treats made of duck and pumpkin, and my dogs are absolutely obsessed with them. They did all sorts of tricks for them this morning, and I expect that to continue.

We had one more toy in our box, shaped like a broomstick. Very clever, and Sinead took to it right away.

Sinead the Boston terrier and her toy

She didn't even let me put it down before she started chewing, and that's typically a sign that we've hit on a toy she'll like for quite awhile.

Lest I forget, there was one more thing in this shipment that made another family member happy.

Popoki the cat sitting in her box

Popoki loves to sit in these boxes, although she barely fits. I always leave them behind for her.

That's it for this month's shipment! If you'd like to see reviews of prior boxes, click here or here or here or here. And if you want to try your own BarkBox, use my code for a discount. And leave me a comment, so I'll know you were here!

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  1. That's a cool box for Halloween. We're glad everyone got something they enjoyed.

  2. Lol this is really funny ! If I tell my friends there is Halloween stuff for animals they won't believe me, it's not very much celebrated in Belgium !

  3. Glad Popoki at least got to enjoy the box :)