Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Shelter cat stories: Can you help Blair?

Blair the shelter cat

As most of you readers know, I had to step away from volunteering with the cats at Willamette Humane Society this fall. It was a tough decision, and one I didn't make lightly, but it was the right decision for me. Even though I am no longer in the shelter regularly, I will admit to watching the organization's adoptable cat page pretty regularly. And there's a familiar face on there this week that needs a bigger community.

Meet Blair.

I met this sweetheart of a girl cat back in June, when she was very new to the shelter system. She'd been found alone and starving in a Salem neighborhood, and she was unable to walk very well. She was also quite grumpy about having her belly and her legs touched.

As it turns out, Blair had endured some sort of trauma (kicked? hit by a car?), and she had an abdominal hernia. When I met her, she was in the cone of shame during her recovery from that surgery, and she was a little unsure about most of the people she met.

Blair the cat recovering from surgery

I worried about her and her chances for adoption, but when she wasn't wearing her cone, she seemed a little happier about people touching and petting her. She started to learn to trust. And then, she moved into a communal space with a very friendly and very adoptable cat, and the magic happened.

When she had this big-guy roomie as a mentor, she became a lot friendlier and a lot more confident. She started flirting with people through her windows. She started to find happiness again.

Two cats living together

I had hoped this pair would be adopted together, but that didn't happen. The black cat (Monkey) went to a great home, and Blair went into a home that didn't work out for her due to financial problems. So back she came to the shelter.

I don't want Blair to sit in the shelter for months, waiting for the right family. I want her shelter cat trip to be blissfully brief this time. But that means we need to network her. She is in Salem, Oregon right now. I'm wondering if there's anyone out there who can come and get her. Or if there's a reader out there who might be willing to do a form of transport. I'd like to get sweet Blair out of the shelter and into a home where she can thrive. It seems only fitting.

What do you think of sweet Blair's story? Can you think of a way to help that I haven't mentioned here? Drop me a note in the comments and let me know, okay?


  1. Paws crossed for Blair that she will be in and out of the shelter in a flash and paired with the perfect forever home.

  2. Poor Blair, we have our paws crossed she finds her home soon.