Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Shelter cat stories: Meet Cole the rescue Persian cat!

Cole the black Persian cat

Nothing makes me happier than helping a sweet cat to move out of a shelter and into a loving home. This week, I had the honor of helping this sweet guy to do just that.

Meet Cole. He's about 3yo, and he was found by a good Samaritan in a nearby neighborhood. We was hungry and searching for food, but walking was really hard for him. He was packed tight with mats that pulled on his skin, and every step pulled those mats a little tighter.

This kind lady took the kitty in, but she made a pretty crucial mistake. She tried to brush his mats out.

Cats with deep mats are in a great deal of pain, and brushing these cats can intensify that pain. It's a lot like pulling hair, and each pull has the potential to rip a cat's skin. This sweet guy tried to tolerate it, but when the brushing wouldn't stop, he bit his savior. So she brought him to the shelter to get additional help.

Cole the Persian cat in profile

Since Cole had bitten a person, he was required to spend a little time in quarantine. But when he was up for adoption, my phone lit up with messages. The team at Willamette Humane Society knows that I have a thing for flat-face pets, so they tell me when they have new babies in the house.

And when I saw him, I got an idea.

My sister has a longstanding passion for Persians, but she's been without a cat for many years now. She's been looking for a new kitty, so I sent a photo over to her, just to see what she thought. We started talking temperament and personality, and I went to meet this guy to see if he might be a good fit for her family.

Cole the sassy cat

Since he arrived in the shelter, kitty had been shaved (to remove the mats) and he'd been neutered (which might keep him from wandering away the next time). Despite all of those treatments, he remained very bold and sassy in his kennel, rolling over when he got any kind of attention and batting at the hands of people when they walked away.

The team put the cat through his paces, as I told them he'd be living in a noisy household with sports fans, plenty of guests and a very intelligent and inquisitive 4yo boy. Kitty was unflappable under even intense testing. It seemed like kismet.

So on Sunday, I brought kitty (now named Cole) to meet his new family. And I've been promised many, many updates.

There are a couple of takeaway points here. First, this is yet another example of a purebred cat in an open shelter. Anyone who says shelter cats are all "mutts" would be wise to learn about Cole (and Popoki). Also, this is a shelter cat with no behavioral problems. Anyone who says shelter cats all come with problems might also like to learn about Cole.

And finally: Even if you don't volunteer in a shelter, never underestimate the good you can do in getting shelter cats good homes. Share their stories. Do a little cat pimping. Help them to get out. It's such a great feeling when you know you have saved a life.

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  1. That is such a wonderful story! I am so happy for dear Col and thanks for giving him a helping paw!

  2. Awwww poor Cole, we can't imagine having fur that matted, it must have been terrible for him! We are so glad he's all fixed up and got a beautiful new home, a really happy ending :)


    Basil & Co xox

  3. Furry goods mewz fur Cole. So glad he was found and gotted all thats furs off. He will look so handsome when hims furrs grow out some mores. What a cute face and glad he's full of spunkanature. -Purrz from Angel the Fetch Kitty.

  4. We loved reading about Cole! Amarula is in LOVE!!

  5. Oh I better your sister is in love with Cole! That's so awesome that she's adopting him. I love the work you do with the Willamette Humane Society. I agree - volunteering makes such a difference!

  6. Beautiful, happy story. He's a beautiful boy and was lucky to have been found at the right time and place but that wonderful lady.

    Keep on thriving, Cole. :)

  7. Awesome - thanks for helping Cole get to his new home!

  8. I'm so glad that Cole has found the right people to help him. It sounds like he has been through some rough stuff. He is a very handsome guy! I hope that he will enjoy life in his new home. :)

  9. We LOVE a rescue story with a happy ending!

  10. How wonderful that this worked out for your sister and this beautiful Persian. He's gorgeous, even if being shaved right now.

  11. I love happy endings, I am glad this cutie got one.

  12. We love it when these stories have happy endings! Hooray for Cole.

    And you are so right ... shelter cats are not "broken." Purebreeds and mixed breeds alike, they are wonderful, each with distinct personalities and looking for just the right forever homes. :)