Sunday, October 30, 2016

What's Halloween like for a blind cat? A Sunday Selfie question

Lucy the blind cat prepares for Halloween

Like most blind cats, Lucy enjoys holidays. She likes it when the people have time away from work (so they can spend more time with her!), and she likes the extra food that comes with big celebrations. She may not be able to eat most human foods, but she enjoys a good nibble of meat from the human's plate from time to time.

But there's one holiday Lucy really hates. And I thought I'd use our photo shoot time for the Sunday Selfie from The Cat On My Head to help her prepare.

Yup, Lucy hates Halloween.

Lucy the blind cat with her toy

For starters, Lucy really doesn't like it when the humans wear costumes. She has an idea in her head about how big we humans are and how much sound we typically make when we walk, bend or run. A costume can make us seem much bigger than we are normally, and most make some kind of nose when we walk. Whenever I am wearing a costume, Lucy hunkers onto the floor like a flat little thing. She seems to know I'm underneath the costume, but she doesn't like me wearing it.

Then, there are the candles. Lucy doesn't like candles at all, as she knows they're typically hot and a little unpredictable. A few of the Halloween decorations I once owned came with candle attachments, so I could do fun flicker effects. Lucy was absolutely terrified of those, so away they all went--with one exception. I have to keep that in rooms where Lucy won't go.

Lucy the blind cat poses for her selfie

And finally: The dreaded doorbell. Most animals don't like doorbells, but Lucy is petrified of the sound. She has no idea who is coming in or going out, and since the dogs tend to bark when the bell rings, there's a lot of chaos due to a doorbell.

Keeping Lucy safe on Halloween means trying to keep kids away from the front door. I put candy out on the front porch so they can grab and go, and if that doesn't work, I turn off the lights. For added protection, we all nestle in for movie night on Halloween, so Lucy can spend time with us without hearing the commotion outside.

She's worth it, right?

Do your cats hate Halloween, too? Leave me a note and let me know how you handle things.

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  1. That is wonderful that you put her needs first. My cats hate the doorbell, but luckily we don't get any trick or treaters.I never use candles, only fake battery operated ones.

  2. I unplugged the doorbell! People just knock and if I don't hear them too bad! Usually they are salespeople or it it's someone I know they just phone to say they are coming by! The cats love having no door bell and so do I --- very easy to ignore people I don't want to see! Hope Lucy has a as good of a Halloween as possible--she is lucky you take such good care of her!!

  3. We turn off the lights and watch a movie or stay away for the night. Lucy am worth cuddling up for a movie night instead of constant doorbell ringings!

    KFM spends time saving cats before the 31st if we can. <3

  4. She is, without a doubt, soooo worth it. Both kitties here are not fans of the doorbell or door knocking. It's so nice of you to put Lucy first. I think nestling in with her and a movie sounds like the perfect Halloween. In spite of not liking Halloween, she looks so beautiful in the light with the stuffed pumpkin.

  5. She's definitely worth it and she couldn't be in better hands than yours! I must admit...I keep the lights out too.

  6. We are lucky that we live too far out for trick or treaters. Flynn doesn't like the doorbell either and runs into the bedroom if he hears it.

  7. Any time anyone comes to the door, Bear's under the bed before the doorbell even rings. Poor guy is scared of most things. And yes, your gorgeous girl is totally worth it!

  8. Hope Lucy finds a safe spot to curl up away from the action. Our angel cats didn't love people coming to the door. Mind you we never had more than 15 trick or treaters so it wasn't too bad. Now in the country we have none.

  9. I can certainly understand why Lucy doesn't like Halloween. Here's to hoping tomorrow is an okay day (and night) for her!

  10. We love that you put Lucy's needs first. Moosey used to hate the doorbell, too. We would let him stay upstairs, and put tape on the doorbell so the kids would not ring it.

  11. Lucy is such a wonderful lady, and given her circumstances I would do as you, and do anything and everything to make such a night as comfortable as I could. Including keeping kids and noisy neighbours from the door. What a wonderful selfie she brings to the hop. purrs ERin