Sunday, November 27, 2016

5 ways pets celebrate Thanksgiving: A Sunday Selfie series

Lucy the blind cat in her scratcher

The cats and dogs of the menagerie celebrated Thanksgiving a day or two late. On that fateful Thursday, the humans were off celebrating with other humans in Portland, so most of the pets were left to their own devices. But as the weekend has gone on, they've all done quite a bit of celebrating. And it occurs to me that there's a thing or two we humans could learn from the ways our pets celebrate. Who knows? Maybe we could apply those lessons to our next big holiday.

Take Lucy here. She's decided to celebrate by ensuring that her little house is clean enough for company, and she's rolled out a little paw of welcome, to invite anyone in to come and share time with her. That's an openness and a kindness that's often missing from human celebrations. But it's a big deal for Lucy.

Eartha the kitten eating food

Foster kitten Eartha has been celebrating the holiday by eating her weight in food at almost every meal. That's wonderful news, as she needs to gain a few more precious ounces so she can head to an adoption event and woo a family that will take her home for good. Eating makes that happen.

But, Eartha always stops any eating she's doing to say hello to humans who come to visit. (This is new, and it means my socialization work is making a difference!) Instead of focusing exclusively on her holiday food, she makes time to appreciate the people who come to see her. We humans should do the same.

Maggie the cat looks out the window

Maggie has been taking a few moments from the hustle and bustle to look at the birdies out the window and collect her thoughts. There's a lot going on in the house, and sometimes she gets a little overwhelmed by the action. When that happens, she steps away and looks outside for a bit.

We humans often forget to take on these self-care steps during the holidays. We keep going and going and going, even when we should rest. Maggie reminds us that taking a time-out could be good.

Sinead the Boston terrier and her toy

Sinead the Boston terrier here reminds us to take the time to play. She's been asking the humans to throw this little turkey leg from her BarkBox on a nearly constant basis (she's asking hubby to throw it as I take this photo). She always finds room for fun. And I sometimes forget that fun is vital.

And finally, lest we forget....

Popoki the cat on a fitness machine

Popoki has been spending quite a bit of time on my new elliptical exercise machine. (I have no idea why, but that's something for another day.) The average human gains a full pound during the holiday season, and most of us don't lose that pound before the next holiday comes. Exercise can help, and Popoki is a good reminder.

What do you think of our holiday Sunday Selfies? I'd love for you to leave a comment and let me know.

And if you're inspired to talk a little about your own cats and dogs, why not join in the fun? Every week, our awesome friends at The Cat On My Head host this selfie series, and we'd love to see more people participate.

So grab your camera, take some snaps, put them on your blog and join the fun! We'd love to have you!


  1. We are pretty sure our human has already gained more than a pound this holiday season. May need to borrow that elliptical trainer, Popoki!

  2. These sure are the ingredients to make life a little better. Funny how it takes cats to show humans how to live life! Lovely pictures of the family this week, Lucy is a real charmer, and love hers in particular. purrs ERin

  3. Lucy, we are calicos also and have been looking for a house like yours. How nice of you to welcome us with your white paw! Please give us your address, we'll be right over!!!

  4. Those are all lovely holiday selfies. Lucy looks so sweet extending the paw of welcome.

  5. Oh my goodness, we sure enjoyed all of your photos, they made us smile!

  6. I love your selfie series! You're absolutely right, we have so much we could learn from our pets.

  7. I love your menagerie ... not only are they smart and have much to teach us humans, but also because they are a handsome bunch!

  8. We love that your menagerie posed for a menagerie of selfie types this week. Popoki, that thing looks like it could be fun to take a ride on!

  9. Those are all great Selfies and with some fleshy bones and food it makes me even chatter :D Pawkisses for a Happy Day :) <3

  10. Aww, what lovely Sunday selfies. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  11. Happy Sunday Selfie! Good one Popoki, excercise is good for you!