Monday, November 7, 2016

Great cat toys for lazy cats

Popoki the cat ready to pounce

Yesterday, I showed you some photos of a wild little kitten playing wild little games with his interactive cat toys. Fergus is a very physical, very busy little kitty. And as a result, he needs a specific kind of interactive and durable toy to keep him entertained.

(Did you miss that blog, by the way? It's here.)

But what about cats that are a little more restrained? I'm talking about cats like Popoki--who move a little slower through life. These guys grow irritated or even frightened of very busy toys. They still need to play, but they need something a little different.

I have two good suggestions.

The first is this whistle wand toy from SmartyKat, which I won in a giveaway a few weeks back. This is a wand toy, but the dangling toys are affixed to ribbons, not elastic. That means the toys don't move in an unpredictable manner, and they don't move very much.

Popoki the cat with her toy

Popoki doesn't appreciate playing with a human and this toy. But she'll happily play with it on her own, if it's in a fixed position. She can bat at the birds, lick the feathers, pretend to pounce on the birds and otherwise have a whale of a time.

Popoki the cat sniffs her toy

If she bumps this toy just right, it will make a little chirping and cheeping noise, which she seems to find intoxicating. But mostly, she bats at this toy and tries to stuff the birds in her mouth. It's a fun little hobby for her.

My other top tip is this fun little cheese toy from Petsafe, which I also won in a giveaway (I am lucky!). This toy has two tiny little mice that dart out of the sides at unpredictable times. Fergus loved to pounce on the mice. Popoki has a different approach.

Popoki the cat with her toy

When the toy turns on (it's on a timer), that little green light flicks on and Popoki runs over to plop down in front of one of the little mouse exit holes. She'll stay there the entire time that the toy is on and moving. It's almost as though she's hypnotized by the movement of the toy.

Popoki with her toy

She will try to capture the little mice when they come out, but it seems as though she's playing a very gentle game here. She pats them, rather than trying to grab them. Maybe she wants to just pet them?

Popoki the cat with her toy

Cats that are easily frightened and not all that active need special toys for their playtime. And finding the right toy that's engaging without being frightening can be a little difficult. But I hope I've given you two options that might work for your kids.

Let me know what you think, won't you?


  1. That cheese toy looks like fun. We have the mouse on the track of the same brand and my cats enjoy it.