Sunday, November 20, 2016

Rescue kitties from Willamette Humane Society

Eartha the foster kitty in her kennel

Little Eartha Kit-Kat, my sweet foster kitten, is growing bigger and bigger each and every day. That means she's coming closer and closer to the day when she'll head back into the shelter to find her forever family. And I'll admit to being more than a little worried about that.

While I have been coaching Eartha like crazy, and I am seeing crazy-great results, she remains a pretty shy little soul that is more comfortable in the company of cats than she is in the company of humans. That means she isn't very likely to show off her best side in the shelter. I'm hopeful she can sell herself and her wonders, but I worry.

And then I look around.

I have several little faces in this house--and down the road a bit--that have all come from the very same shelter. For today's Sunday Selfie post, I thought I'd share some of those faces.

Fergus the kitten asleep in his bed

Well, it looks like kitten Fergus has been playing a little too hard this morning and he has no energy left for photography. This little blue bed is heated, and when his body hits that bed, this cat tends to turn into a gelatinous little mess. Rather than waking him up, I'll just let him have his easy.

Fergus, like Eartha, came into this home as a baby little kitten. He was found in my community, along with two of his siblings, and he needed bottle feeding for the first several weeks he was here. I fell in love with him during his foster stay, so he stayed here. So his ending is very happy. And so is the ending of his two siblings. One went to a very loving home that treasures frisky cats (good thing!), and the other went into a very caring home that was looking for a shy soul. Both of those two were adopted within 24 hours of a return to the shelter. 

Popoki the cat with her nose in the air

Hmm, it looks like Popoki doesn't want to play along, either. Look at that little nose of hers stuck up in the air! I think she can smell the kitten on my clothing, and she's not at all happy about all that. This shy girl doesn't like other cats at all, so she grows upset when she realizes that there are other cats in her mother's life.

Rather than pestering her with photos, I'll just plop some treats down and move on.

Popoki came into the shelter due to financial difficulties in her home, and she struggled in the shelter system, due to her shyness. I took her home to foster her and then kept her. Since I did that, she was also only in the shelter for a week or so. And her ending is very happy. 

And I have one more trick up my sleeve.

Last week, I got to spend a little time with this guy. You may remember him from a previous blog post.

Cole the cat with frog legs

He's a new addition to my sister's family, due to a little help from me. He's adjusted to life with a small human being quite nicely, and he's become a devoted family member that keeps his people laughing all day long. Just look at those frog legs!

Cole was found as a stray kitty, and he spent some time in the shelter due to illnesses. He was adopted within 48 hours of becoming available for adoption at the shelter. 

Clearly, I have plenty of examples of cats that started out in difficult circumstances at Willamette Humane Society and who all ended up in loving homes. Now, I just need the same thing to happen to this girl.

Tiny black kitten selfie

Wish her all the best. And if you're in Oregon anywhere near the Willamette Valley, share this sweet face! She'll be ready for a home in just a few weeks, and I want the best for her. Your help can make it happen!

Thanks as always to the wonderful hosts of this blog. We just couldn't have this much fun without the kind help of The Cat On My Head.

Leave me a note so I'll know you were here, okay?


  1. Such a fine and loving set of selfies if ever I saw one. Eartha is one supper sweet little lady. Sounds like she will need a special place to help her settle and come out of her shyness. Popoki clearly has some disdain for the whole thing, and Fergus, well that guy looks like he has surrendered to the big easy without a fight! purrs ERin

  2. OMC...Eartha Kit-Kat is beyond adorable. Mom wishes you could keep her as well. We will be purring and praying extra hard for her to find the purrfect home when she returns to the shelter. Please keep us posted about her. Thanks for sharing her on the hop. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    1. Oh, how I wish she could stay. As does Fergus. He loves her. But we just must send her on to the next step, to make room for the next foster that needs space at the Menagerie, much as it will break my heart.

  3. Eartha Kit-Kat is a sweet little girl. I hope when she goes to the shelter that she soon gets her forever home.

  4. How wonderful that Cole has found a wonderful home with your sister! And oh my gosh, Eartha Kit-Kat is unbelievably adorable! What a face and those big beautiful eyes.

  5. Eartha Kit Kat sure is a cutie pie and I'm sure she will not have any problem finding that great family to be her forever and ever.

  6. She's so, so adorable. Wishing her a purrfect life in a forever home very soon.

  7. Eartha Kit-Kat is a cutie. And what an awesome name! Paws crossed that she finds her happily ever after real soon!:)

    Even though Cole, Popoki and Fergus didn't want to take pictures today, we always love seeing them.

  8. I love happy endings ... and I hope Eartha finds hers as well. What a beautiful sweetheart!

  9. We will share for her. If we can help share on FB let us know we are terrible at adding face + name + blog but will share like demons if you wish!!

    Thank you for all the other selfies, they made us smile and did our heart a lot of good.

    Give Popoki a hug from our Mum.

  10. What beautiful kitties!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  11. Purring fur sweet shy Eartha that her soul mate human will see her and know "that's my kitten!"
    I have a feeling she will go to another shy young soul looking fur loves too. -Purrz from Katie Kat.