Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Wordless cat Wednesday: A good day to stay home with kitties

Maggie the cat on her bed

I'm sure that my cats know nothing about politics. They don't know the difference between a Trump and a Clinton, and they were never asked to cast a ballot for one party or another.

But that doesn't mean that they haven't been impacted by this election.

I'm sure my cats have heard the yelling coming from the pundits and the candidates on the television. I'm sure they've heard me yelling back at some of those pundits and candidates. And I know they've heard my husband and I discussing the impact of this nasty election and what it means for our family.

Maggie the cat on the bed

So I can't help but think how happy they must be today, when all of that is over. No more debates. No more voting. No more of all that. Sure, planning progresses. But the yelling part? That's probably done. I'm sure they're happy about that. And they've been trying to soothe me by enticing me to nap with them and listen to them purr. I haven't been able to do that quite yet, but I'm trying.

Maggie the cat on the bed

Today, regardless of whether your side won or lost, I hope we can all take a few cues from our cats in order to repair the damage this election season has done.

Let's all stretch. Let's all breathe. Let's all nap. Let's all come together.

In that spirit, I'm moderating comments a little differently for this blog. Please: No discussion of candidates or parties or who should have won or lost. We've all had enough of that (I know I have). Let's keep it happy.

And if you need more happy, visit some of the other blogs in this hop from BlogPaws. Such fun stuff this week!


  1. Thank you and I couldn't agree more. Time for more naps with our furfriends and less yelling at the televisions :) Your cats are adorable.

    Stopping in from BlogPaws linky; nice to *meet* you!

  2. I hope that you are able to find peace soon. Things are always very tense in elections. This was a super tense one. I have confidence that things will not be as bad as some people believe they will be. Presidents never end up being as powerful as they project themselves to be during their campaign. It is my hope that there will now be healing, peace, and unity in the US.

  3. Every day is a good day to spend at home with kitties- there is no place I would rather be.

  4. I have spent a lot of time hugging Bentley and Pierre. This election has been extraordinarily stressful from the very beginning. I'm glad it is over and hopefully, we will all be okay. ♥

  5. Agreed. It sure was nice coming home after work today, and snuggling with Gracie and Zoe.

  6. I'm sure glad it's over. It has been really stressful and I'm sure our pets pick up on the tension. :)