Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Adopt my foster kitten: Eartha Kit-Cat needs a home

Eartha the kitten needs a home

For the last month or so, this tiny kitten has been an integral part of my life. I've fed her, I've coached her, I've nursed her and I have loved her. And on Saturday, this sweet cat will leave my home to find her forever home with another family. She's old enough to leave me, so I need my foster kitten to find the family she so deserves.

I'm hoping you can help.

For those of you who are unaware of the story, this is Eartha Kit-Cat, and she's in my home as a temporary foster through Willamette Humane Society. Eartha came into that shelter with her mother, when they were trapped as part of a feral cat colony containment measure.

Eartha and her mother were destined to live a short, brutal life as part of a feral colony, until someone took the time to notice this pair and help them. They were trapped and brought to the shelter, and when Eartha's mother was well enough to head to a partner shelter for adoption, and Eartha was weaned enough to handle life on her own, they were split apart.

Eartha the tiny kitten in my lap

When Eartha first came here, she was terrified of everyone and everything she came into contact with. She barely let me pet her, and she responded to most of our conversations with hissing and spitting. I spent a lot of time trying to get her to trust me, and we have made remarkable strides. Eartha now allows me to pet her all over her body, and she calls for me when she hears my voice in another room. She wants to interact with me.

Eartha has also discovered that playtime is fun. When she first came, she was scared of all of the toys I tried to show her, but she has since learned that toys can provide her with hours of entertainment, and she doesn't need to worry about her toys.

Eartha has made great strides, but she is likely to remain a kitty that is worried about many different things, including loud noises, new people and fast movements. She is, by her very nature, a bit of a worried little thing. She isn't likely to blossom into a confident cat. That's just not who she is.

But she is a cat that loves to be with her people. I spent a lot of time training her via snuggle sack, so she likes to go places with her human. She doesn't venture out of that sack, so few people know she's even in the vicinity. People looking for an emotional therapy animal that can go where they go without much fuss might love Eartha.

And, Eartha loves each and every cat she has met. She has wonderful cat-to-cat language, and she never gets offended if the cats she meets don't want to meet her. People with existing cats who want a new companion that won't rock the boat might love her.

Eartha will be available from Willamette Humane Society in Salem, Oregon on Saturday (12/10). Please spread the word. She will need a home, and she'll need it soon. Shy cats don't do well in the shelter, so the sooner she is adopted, the better!

What do you think about Eartha? Would you adopt a little one like her? Leave me a note in the comments, won't you?

20161210 update: Adopted! 


  1. Eartha is such a sweet little girl. I hope she quickly gets adopted into a loving family.

  2. Oh, Eartha is precious. Thank you for fostering her, and for helping her get ready to find her happily ever after. We'll share her on Twitter now!