Thursday, December 1, 2016

Cat quit for Lucy: An unexpected heirloom comes our way

Lucy the blind cat in her room

A few months ago, blind cat Lucy decided that she would rather not live in the company of other cats. While she had always had a peaceful life with her feline friends, she never really got over the death of a special cat she loved best, and she decided to withdraw from the rest of the community as a result.

Around the same time, we experienced the death of a human we loved. Hubby's beloved father passed away, and the family decided that hubby's mother had a little too much to deal with in the large house they shared. So as Lucy was moving downstairs, our human family was going through a move, too.

And the two converged.

Hubby has always been the member of his family that is the most interested in all things cat. So when his family was packing up the homestead and cat things were found, they were set aside for our family. And sometimes, it wasn't at all clear where these things had come from.

Like this blanket.

Blanket with two cats and yarn

This is a huge blanket (afghan? quilt?) that's clearly been made by hand. Each little square is delicately stitched together, and the blocks make up two cats playing with a basket full of balls of yarn. I'm not quite sure who made this thing and how long it had been tucked away in a back closet. It had never been used, as far as I can tell. And it really is masterfully done.

While I don't knit (yet), I do love a good crafting project and I've done many myself. I've kept many projects, and others I've given away. I like to make things for other people, as it seems to demonstrate my commitment to them more than would a gift I simply purchase and hand over. Made gifts mean more. I've also done dedicated craft projects as fundraisers. I love the idea of making something of value to help support the causes I hold dear.

So I couldn't simply put this back in a closet somewhere. But I'll admit that it doesn't fit into my decorating scheme exactly.

So it's become part of the guest room, in Lucy's domain.

Lucy the cat on her cat blanket

She doesn't rest on this bed very often, so I'm not at all worried about her covering it with hair or catching it with her nails. But keeping it in her room ensures that I can see it and enjoy it often. And should Lucy choose to rest on it, she'd find that it's warm and cozy. So we're both happy.

What do you think of this cat blanket? Love to hear your thoughts in the comments.