Monday, December 26, 2016

Little kittens grow so fast!

Fergus the kitten in his basket

Fergus is still very much a kitten at 9 months old. He is an incredibly curious and rambunctious little guy who always wants to be a part of anything and everything I happen to be doing on any given day. And often, he's the craziest and most rambunctious at the end of the day.

I work from home, but I work in a little outbuilding that isn't connected to the main house. I come in from time to time to grab a snack, visit the restroom or otherwise take advantage of indoor plumbing, but I am otherwise in the other building for most of the day.

And that means Fergus often misses me. And he shows me he misses me by getting crazy when I come in the door in the evening.

Last week, he hopped inside this little basket I use to transport things from the home to the home office. It's small and wicker, and it's the perfect size for keys and cups and papers and charging cords. It goes with me when I head out and it comes in when I come in.

I think Fergus was trying to tell me he should be transported to the office, too.

Fergus the kitten in a basket

At one point, he was. When Fergus was a little foster kitten at 4 weeks old, he needed around-the-clock supervision. So he came into the home office for big chunks of time. I could work, and he could run around this room with his brother and sister. They learned how to handle themselves in big spaces, without having litter box accidents, and I could keep an eye on them.

And Fergus had a soft spot for this basket during that time.

Fergus the kitten in a basket with his sister

See that little fluffy face? That's Fergus at about 5 weeks old. He's covered in food as he'd just eaten and didn't quite know how to keep his little body clean. And he's snuggled up to his sister for warmth and companionship, before they both woke up and began to wrestle.

So adorable, right?

It's hard to believe that Fergus was ever this small and this messy. But I raised him and I have the photos to prove it!

I suppose that's the real joy of foster failure. You know your cats from the time they're tiny, and you have helped to shape the way they look at the world and the people they share the world with. I hope my guidance has helped Fergus to be the very best cat he can be. I know he's made my life much richer during his time here.

Have you raised little kittens of your own? Leave me a note in the comments and let me know, won't you?


  1. Such a cutie! We haven't had kittens here for years, most of us were at least 9 months old when we came, some lots older. Our two newbies were feral kittens, wee ones, so now they are about 6 months old. We're in for some interesting times.

  2. Fergus is such a cutie. I have never gotten to raise kittens. All my cats have showed up as adults, well, Stinky was a kitten, but old enough to not need milk.

  3. My first cat was adopted from a shelter when he was aboput 5 months old. That is as close to a kitten as I've ever been. M remembers him climbing her curtains and she lived in a rental at the time. Back then there was a scratching post and that was it. He was with us for 19 years - my first pet ever as I was not allowed to have them living in the city (according to my parents).

  4. Fergus was such a tiny ball of fluff, and he is a handsome, maturing kitten. I'm sure he'd like to return to the office with you. On Christmas Eve I got to see one of Calista Jo's foster fail sisters, Ellie. Her other sister DeeDee is scared of everybody. Calista Jo is definitely the BIG girl of the family. Hugs, Janet