Monday, December 12, 2016

Shelter cat stories: 18yo senior needs help

Static the cat in his kennel

Yesterday, I told you a little about my foster kitten who went to a new home just hours after going on the adoption floor at my local animal shelter. She's all black and a little shy, and I was worried that adopters will pass her by in favor of the other cats in the shelter that are prettier, friskier and just a little more enticing. I worried for nothing, it seems. That's a good thing!

(Did you miss that post? Find it here.)

Today, I'd like to tell you a little about another black cat that might get passed by in the very same shelter. He also faces some adoption challenges, and he needs the help of a cat community.

This is Static, and he is a whopping 18 years old. He lived with the same family for more than 15 years, but his original family had a serious illness and Static was given to a family friend as a result. Now, that family friend is also facing a serious illness. So Static came to the shelter for help.

Many people assume that families that give up older cats are somehow mean or deficient or uncaring. We wonder how they could part with family members they've had for so long. And we're quick to judge. I know I am.

But often, families face circumstances they never could have predicted. They love their cats and want what's best for them. But things changed or things happened. And they tried to do what was right. That's clearly what happened here. Static is wonderfully attuned to all people. He has clearly been adored for all of his life, and he reflects that love back onto everyone he meets.

But it's hard for families to think about bringing an 18yo cat home with them. And it's complicated yet more by the fact that Static has FIV. This is a very misunderstood illness, which I have written about before. Yes, cats with FIV can go into home with other cats as long as everyone gets along. That is new research, and a lot of people don't know about it. They think they can't introduce cats with FIV to other cats. Just not true.

In addition to his age and his FIV, Static is all black. We all know that black cats face very real challenges in the shelter system. They do get adopted, but it often takes a lot longer for them to move.

Static the cat in closeup

Static has been waiting for a home since October 28th. That long wait just breaks my heart. He should be ending his life in a home with someone who will love him and cherish him for however long he has left.

And he might very well have quite a bit of life left. His bloodwork is clear. His teeth are good. He has no behavioral problems. He loves other cats AND dogs AND kids. He shouldn't lose any time due to fights or behavior-related sickness.

He just needs someone to take a chance on him.

His adoption fee has been waived for the month of December. That means he can go home--right now--for free.

Find out more about Static on the Willamette Humane Society website. Please share his story. Please consider taking him home. He needs us.

20161226: Happiest of updates! This little guy went home with a loving family. I'm beyond thrilled that he has a new family of his own to love. Thanks to everyone who helped to share his story!


  1. Poor handsome guy. I'm quick to judge too, but I won't. I did share him on Facebook. Good luck Static.

  2. He seems like a wonderful cat -please keep us updated and let us know if when he finds his forever home!

  3. My heart is breaking for this poor guy. He looks like my Spooky that left us in April. I hope he gets his forever home soon.

  4. We hope Static finds a home soon, he sounds like a wonderful cat.

  5. Oh, we would have him like a shot, if we could!! Will share. xx

  6. What a sweetie. I hope he's out of that shelter by Christmas!

  7. It's so sad. I do hope someone will give him a loving home for his golden years.

  8. We are with Austin, we would take him in a nano-second. It is so damned unfair he languishes in the shelter. I know, I know there are reasons.... I'd take him....

  9. I am still sharing. I am not giving up on Static.

    1. Oh, me too! His family is out there. I just know it.