Monday, December 19, 2016

Shelter cat stories: Meet King Dude

King Dude the tuxedo cat looking for a home

In my Shelter Cat Stories series, I tell you a little about the long-term residents of the shelter that have been overlooked or underappreciated for some reason. Last week, I told you about a cat named Static that has been waiting for a home for far too long, considering that he's 18yo. He's still waiting for that forever fit, and I am still hoping this week will be his lucky week.

I want the same for this guy. His name is King Dude, and in some ways, his story is a little sadder than Static's. I'm hoping someone can step in and help me network him into the perfect home.

KD was found as a stray cat in a neighborhood in Salem. Some cats are very successful as stray cats, and they come to the shelter in relatively decent shape. My sister's new cat, who was on his own for several months before he came to the shelter, was one such cat. He was matted and flea-bitten, but otherwise good.

KD, on the other hand, was extraordinarily thin when he was found. He seemed both weak and a little terrified. I've heard the team tell me stories about how worried they were about his demeanor and whether or not he would adjust to life at the shelter. They seemed to think he'd been on his own for just ages, and perhaps he didn't have good experiences with the humans he met.

But they wanted him to succeed and get a chance at finding the right home. So onto the adoption floor he went. That was in September. Here we are in December, and no one has chosen KD yet. He has been at the shelter longer than any other animal currently in the shelter. It's not a distinction he likes.

King dude the cat in closeup

KD seems to have settled into shelter life in some ways. I spent quite a bit of time with KD a few weeks ago, and I found him to be alert, curious and deeply affectionate. But he is also a very self-possessed kitty. When I needed to stop petting him in order to deal with my notes and my camera, he was content to leave me in peace. But when I was ready to interact again, so was he.

Pushy cats can be hard to live with, but they tend to thrive in the shelter. People like to feel as though the cats they meet "need" them, and pushiness is often interpreted as need. Since KD isn't pushy, he can come across as perfectly happy in the shelter and unwilling to give. That's just not the case.

Due to his very long wait, KD has grown depressed. He isn't eating as well as he once did, and since he has early renal disease, this isn't a good choice for him to make. The staff is incorporating more playtime and laptime into his interactions, hoping to help him feel loved. But what he really needs is a home.

KD's adoption fees are waived in the month of December. That means he can go home for no cost. KD is FIV/FELV negative, up to date on his shots and comes with a microchip. He gets along nicely with other cats.

He's waiting at Willamette Humane Society in Salem. This is his profile page.

Can you help him? Can you network him? KD needs our cat community.

UPDATE: 20161221. Due to the incredible generosity of the human King Dude (who happens to be a mighty fine musician with a big heart), this post about KD has gone viral. Who know what a few little shares can do? Tomorrow (Thursday), the shelter will be open for the first time since this post took flight in cyberspace. I hope that means KD will go home tomorrow. And human King Dude is offering some pretty amazing gifts to the person who adopts. Visit his Facebook page to find out more, and be sure to thank him. All cats deserve a caring celebrity with huge reach. It helps! It really helps. 

UPDATE: 20161230. I'm thrilled to report that sweet King Dude went home with a loving family today. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to every single person out there who read about him, shared his story and otherwise helped him on his way. You were a part of this success story! 


  1. Such a handsome King and we shared. I hope his forever Kingdom shows up super soon.

  2. We sure hope King gets a good home soon.
    The Florida Furkids

  3. He seems lovely and Tuxies are wonderfully intelligent and loyal. Good luck to KD.

  4. King Dude sounds like a wonderful kitty. We will share him on Twitter now, and purr for a forever home for him in December!

  5. What a sweet guy. We're purring that someone will see that too and take him home. We have kitties like KD at our shelter too. It's sad to see them get passed over.

  6. That's amazing! So thankful that the human KD wants all the best fur his namesake... Purrz for King Dude! I know someone will find this Pawsome fellow is just who they need to complete their family. -Katie Kat.

  7. We are purring that King Dude finds a home and we haven't forgotten Static wouldn't it be wonderful if they both get home today

  8. You are very handsome, King Dude! :) hehe