Sunday, December 18, 2016

Wintertime fun: Cat presents, cat grass, hummingbirds and a little more

Although I'm pretty sure cats have no idea what Christmas is, I am quite sure that they feel the approach of the holiday. As we get closer and closer to Christmas, I have more and more that I need to get done. And, I also have more and more social obligations to fulfill. So that means less lap time and more observation time.

For example, last weekend, I had to leave the little menagerie for much of the day, so I could zip out of town to do some holiday shopping and visit with my sister. She gave me this cute little sack cloth towel Popoki is posing with. That cat sure looks like Popoki, don't you think?

Sweet Popoki spends a great deal of time in this little cat tee pee we got from Uncommon Goods awhile back (if you missed the post, it's here) when I'm busy or gone. That means she's been in this spot quite a bit for the last 2 weeks or so. But she got a break from my distraction this week, due to an early Christmas gift of snow.

We live in a community that doesn't have many (if any) functional snow plows, and we don't use salt to defrost the roads for environmental reasons. That means any snow can bring the city to its knees. And this week, we had a lot.

Snowy backyard

My entire backyard is a winter wonderland with 3-4 inches of snow, and about an inch of ice beneath that snow. Any out-of-home obligations I had were canceled, as were those my hubby had planned. And neither dog was thrilled about walking, so we skipped a few evening strolls. We stayed home instead.

And we had plenty of visitors, including this little Anna's hummingbird. I've mentioned this before, but these little birds don't migrate from Oregon in the wintertime. They go into a semi-hibernation each night (torpor), and they're back up and ready to go in the mornings. And often, they're starved when they wake up.

Tiny hummingbird on a feeder

We've been working hard to rotate feeders, so there's always a set full of thawed water for these hungry birds. But it isn't easy, especially early in the mornings. That's when they want food, and that's when temperatures are the lowest!

We also put out food for the squirrels, jays, doves, woodpeckers, juncos and other little friends that visit the yard. And we set out pans of water for everyone to drink. Popoki and I also spent a few minutes each day in her catio. It's too cold for long-time lounging, but we both enjoy watching the cat grass grow. 

Popoki the cat in her catio

Our temperatures are likely to be back up in the mid-40s by Monday, which means all that white stuff will be gone in a flash. And with it gone, I'll be back to out-of-the-home holiday hustle for a few more days. It's been a blessing to have a few days of enforced calm before that final push to complete the holiday of it all. I'm reminded of the wonders right here around me. Maybe that's the only Christmas gift anyone needs.

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  1. That dish towel is very cute. It's very nice of you to feed the hummingbirds and other critters. Popoki looks cute in her pictures.

  2. Popoki is such a sweetheart. She looks so cute in her teepee!

  3. Aww Popoki sure looks snug in that teepee, and rather there than out in that snow! It is great you feed and water those dear little birds, it must be such a strain on everyone at this time of year, and a risk underfoot feeding them. Have a great week. purrs ERin

  4. The towel is lovely and does look like Popoki.

  5. Pooki you don't mind the snow do you!!!

  6. It's such a busy time of year, but so much fun too. I'm already dreading the let-down when it's over. The towel is precious and I adore Popoki in the teepee! It looks really cozy :)

  7. It does look like Popoki. I had no idea any hummers stayed in cold areas for the winter.

  8. Can't believe you had a hummingbird!! So jealous--my last one was in September! popoki looks gorgeous!

  9. Popoki looks just like the picture doesn't she!!! We are glad she likes keep warm while her Mum is busy.

  10. Lovely towel and I thought it was Popoki at first!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  11. Hello to our Secret Santa Paws! We wanted to come over to thank you for our fantastic gifts, which we opened this weekend! You even highlight one of of those fantastic gifts in this post of yours - we love our new cat grass and can't wait to get it going. You sent us so many wonderful goodies, we're going to make this whole week festive by using each day to share some of what you sent us. Evan shared his loot in his post today, and the other furbabies can't wait to show off theirs. Thank you again! Merry (meowy!) Christmas, Santa Paws!

    1. Hooray! And best of luck with the cat grass. Popoki loves to watch it and lick it as it grows, but Fergus rips it out by the roots when it comes inside. You might need to get a few pots going!

  12. It looks so cold over there, but when we see you, Popoki, we feel all warmed up :) Very cute pictures, also of the birdie. Now let's take a yum on that catgrass...I am a lover ;) Pawkisses for a wonderful day :) <3