Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: Boston terrier birthday!

Sinead the Boston terrier on her chair

Sinead the Boston terrier looks like a puppy. She's small overall, and she has dainty little feet and perfect little ears. But this girl is no puppy. In fact, she just turned 4 years old this week.

Normally, when we celebrate dog birthdays, we head out for something like frozen yogurt. But the weather here has been absolutely awful, and we've all felt like sticking close to home and snacking on something somewhat warm. So we thought we'd try something a little different for the Menagerie celebration.

When I told Liam there would be no frozen yogurt, he had one question:

Liam the pug asking a question
"Will there be food?"

Of course there will be food, Liam. But this year's food will be for humans and dogs alike.

I made a set of tiny chocolate cakes for the humans. These are tiny cakes made for just one person, and they're perfect for this kind of celebration. Why? Because they call for an extra egg yolk. This means dogs can have an extra little smattering of egg white while the cakes cook. Score!

And, I like to serve these cakes with a little dab of whipped cream. The cream helps to counteract the chocolate in the cake, and if I make it myself, it has fewer calories than something like ice cream. If I make it myself, it can also be a little snack for the dogs to try.

So the humans had chocolate cake, and Liam and Sinead had egg whites topped with whipped cream and a cookie. Pretty good, right?

Cakes and egg whites ready to eat

I'm sorry to report that I don't have photos of anyone eating this bounty. At the menagerie, we take our eating very seriously. If there's food to be devoured, we don't have time for chit-chat. But I can say that everyone enjoyed their little snacks. And when all was said and done, many of us needed naps. Including Sinead.

Sinead the Boston terrier asleep

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our post. Do be sure to leave a message for Sinead before you go. I read all of your comments to her out loud, and she enjoys them all.

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  1. Happy Happy Birthday Sinead!! What a wonderful birthday snack!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  2. Happy birthday! That looks really tasty. Enjoy.

  3. Happy Big 4th Birthday, Sinead! Mom did a great job with the treats and I bet they were yummy. I hope you enjoyed every second of your special day!

  4. Happy birthday, Sinead! Those b-day snackies look delicious and delightful!

  5. Happy birthday! What is with this weather! OMD!!

    1. I know! Sinead is absolutely furious with all of the snow we have. Despite coats and sweaters, she still stamps her little feet with anger when we go for walks.

  6. Happy Birthday, Sinead! Maybe the weahter will get better and you'll get some frozen yogurt soon.

  7. Happy birthday, Sinead! What an awesome party your mom made for you! Lol at the caption under Liam's picture. And we at the Bouchard household agree - we take our eating very seriously!! :)