Thursday, January 12, 2017

Cat stairs: An excellent way to give your indoor cats more room to roam

Popoki the cat in her cat bed

You're looking at the face of one very lucky kitty. This is Popoki, and during the holiday season, she got a present most cats would love to get. The present? A set of cat stairs.

Popoki lives in my writing studio, which is about the size of a large bedroom. She has beds on the floor, beds on top of human furniture and beds in a catio on the outside of the building. So one could say that her space is catified.

But, there is an added bit of her space that hasn't been adjusted to her needs. In fact, it hasn't been used at all.

The studio building has vaulted ceilings, with windows nestled into the upper spaces beneath the eaves. On the side of the building that faces the street, that window sits above a long and somewhat narrow little ledge. Popoki's stairs were designed to help her get from the ground to that ledge.

Popoki the cat on her stairs

There are 6 stairs in the group, and all told, they allow her to climb up about 15 feet. Each step is wide enough for her to sit on, and all of the steps have been bolted to the wall for security. The top of the stairs have grooves, which can help prevent sliding. That's especially important for Popoki, as her first humans declawed her. She can't pop out her claws to keep herself from falling. The grooves help with that.

Even though these stairs are made with cats like Popoki in mind, it took her awhile to get the gist of them. During the first 24 hours or so, she needed treats and toy lures in order to make the climb. And at one point, I had to push her from one step to another.

But once she made it onto the ledge a few times, she was sold on the stair idea.

Popoki the cat on her shelf

That space is very warm, due to heat rising from the ground. And it's bathed in sunlight almost all of the time, so it's great for warm stretches. I also placed two different types of bed on that shelf, along with a scratching post, so she has wonderful places to sleep when she'd like to do so.

In addition, since this window faces the street, Popoki has plenty of people and dogs to watch throughout the day. It's not at all unusual for me to look up at the window as I return from walking the dogs and see this view.

Popoki the cat looking out the window

These stairs came from Contempocat. I paid for these steps myself, without contacting the company first or asking for any kind of blogger compensation. But I will say that I adore these stairs. Popoki can use them and seems to want to use them, and they look really beautiful in my writing studio. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a way to give a cat more height and space.

This is my entry into Thankful Thursday, as hosted by Brian's Home. It's appropriate, don't you think? A happy cat is something everyone can be thankful for.

Thankful Thursday

Head on over to Brian's Home to find out more about what pet parents are thankful for. But be sure to leave me a note before you go! Love to hear your thoughts.

And thanks to everyone who left me a note about my broken leg. (If you missed it, that blog post is here.) I'll keep you posted on my surgery date. Hoping it's soon!


  1. Popoki has really got it good! I love all that you do for her to make her space more enjoyable.

  2. That is so darn cool and we went over and looked at their things, they sure have nice goodies for cats! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  3. That's a fantastic way to give Popoki more room to exercise and explore. I'm sure she loves the window view. I had done something similar with catwalks all around the living room of my former house. The cats loved it.

  4. Aww ... she looks so happy up there! I should get some for Bear. He likes to climb and I've taken most of his options away because of what he was getting into. I don't have a cool ledge like that for him ... but he might enjoy the steps anyway.

  5. Cool steps! We have some similar shelves on our Cat Wall, which coincidentally we shared about on our blog today. Popoki is one lucky kitty! Love that window seat she has!!

  6. She is a lucky kitty. Those are great. I did miss the post about your fall, I will pray your surgery goes well.

  7. Yay for Popoki! Those stairs, and being able to look out that window are great. Thank you for loving her so much, and for always making her life with you so awesome.