Thursday, January 5, 2017

Dogs love Englewood Park in Salem

Liam the pug at the park

When I moved Liam the pug from Portland to Salem, I was a little worried about leaving some of our favorite parks behind. He loved to romp and play in Portland's majestic and huge spaces, and I was worried we wouldn't be able to find something similar in our smaller Salem community.

Turns out, I was worrying needlessly. And today, as part of Thankful Thursday, I thought I'd show you the park the menagerie is most thankful for. It's Englewood Park, and it's located about a mile away from my house.

Path through the park with trees

Englewood could be considered a small park, as it covers only 7 acres. Most of the Portland parks I love are three or four times that size. But Englewood is lovingly maintained. The paths that take you through this park are almost always free of debris and garbage, and every year, the paths are smoothed with a new layer of gravel.

Sinead loves paths like this. She's very low to the ground, and she worries about walking behind me when there's a lot of debris on the ground. She's been smacked by sticks and gravel flying off the back of my shoes one too many times, and as a result, she refuses to put her feet on paths full of sticks and detritus. She doesn't have to worry about that here.

Pug and Boston terrier at the park

The park is also home to more than 350 trees, and most of them were planted when the park was founded in the 1920s. That means these trees are wonderfully mature and they stretch miles into the sky. Year round, these trees are home to all sorts of birds and they make quite a racket during a stroll through the space. Those trees are also home to many squirrels, which both Liam and Sinead love to watch.

Trees are also ideal for sniffing, which Liam does with great enthusiasm whenever we come to this park. I don't let him pee on the trees, but many other people seem to let their dogs cut loose. So Liam has a lot of pee-mail to read. He loves it.

Liam the pug in front of a tree at Englewood Park

We hit this park at least once a week as a family. And I take a run through this park every Saturday morning, as part of my workout routine. I'm so thankful to have a resource like this so close to my little home.

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  1. Looks like a beautiful park! Love those trees! Glad you guys found a new spot to enjoy :)

  2. Such a fun place for your sweeties! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  3. I am glad you found a nice park for them.

  4. Looks like a great place to walk and run and just enjoy life.

  5. What a lovely park! For Sinead, Liam AND you! :)

  6. I am glad you have parks you love, its tough moving from an area they pups like but they seem happy with this lovely park!

    Happy Thankful Thursday!

  7. You found such a nice park to have fun in!!! So happy for you! Keep enjoying and share it with us:)

  8. What a gorgeous park mew journeyed through! ❤️❤️❤️