Wednesday, January 25, 2017

One clever way to get your cat to wake up for a photo shoot

Popoki the cat sitting up with eyes closed

Popoki is a deeply lazy cat. She prefers to spend most of her days, and all of her nights, in a semi-conscious state. She can spring awake at any moment, but she has her eyes closed and her body is still.

I try to get her moving by pimping my writing studio, where she lives. She now has a catio to lounge in during the summer months, and she just got a set of cat stairs that allow her to move up to a big loft at the top of the studio. These things help, as they inspire Popoki to wake up and move.

But sometimes, she needs a little more.

For example, I try to take one photo of Popoki every day to post on Instagram (are you following her  yet?). There are only so many closed-eyed photos I can post without seeming really boring. But getting her to wake up can be a touch difficult....

Unless I find the right toy. Here's what it looks like when that happens.

Popoki the cat waking up from her nap

I use dog toys with a squeaker inside to attract her attention. I just picked up the toy when I took this shot. She knows what it is, and she knows it makes some kind of noise, so she's a little bit interested.

Popoki the cat is wide awake now

I hit the squeaker one time, and she's wide awake now. But her ears are still moving off to the side, so she's not as engaged with me as I might like. She's still considering whether I'll be fun to play with, or whether a little nap might be a better idea.

Popoki the cat looking up

Moving the toy from the top of her head to the top of my camera really seems to engage her will to play. She will follow that toy no matter where I move it, once we play this game a few times. At the end of a photo session like this, I bring the toy right in front of the camera lens and drop it right before the shutter clicks. I can get her looking right at the camera with an open expression with that approach.

But it does come with risks.

Popoki the cat in an extreme closeup

Sometimes, Popoki gets so engaged with this game that she charges the camera to get the toy. And that leads to some uncomfortably close closeups! Oh, well. At least she enjoys the photo sessions, right?

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  1. I am following her on Instagram now :) Great tips, I get a lot of squinted eyes photos of my cats.

  2. I'm following! My boy hates taking pictures and often turns his rear towards the lens. It takes a lot of bum shots before I get one good one.

  3. She has the most beautiful eyes! I LOVE these pics - what a sweet munchkin.

  4. Amazing pics Popoki ❤️❤️❤️ mew are gorgeous. Thanks for all the tips, the P.A. could use some when snapping us! MOL

  5. Popoki is such a beautiful girl! I love her facial expressions. :) A squeaky toy is a great idea. She really seems to like that squeaky sound.

  6. So expressive! Lovely Popoki sure did wake up for that toy! :)

    We (kevhatt3) are following her on Instagram now! :)