Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Wordless Wednesday: A trip to the Oregon Coast Aquarium

Blue eel smiling

Typically, when I go to the Oregon Coast, I bring my dogs along. They run along the beach, bark at the birds, beg for food from the humans and have a good time in general. But sometimes, there are things I'd like to do at the coast that just aren't suitable for dog companionship.

Consider the Oregon Coast Aquarium. This is an absolutely fabulous spot in which to spend a few hours, but dogs are strictly forbidden. And the staff frowns upon people who leave their dogs in the car in the parking lot. Families that do so can expect a page from the staff.

So this week, hubby and I left the dogs at home for the day and we trundled over to the aquarium to see the sights. And there was so much to see, including two species of very sassy eel.

Yellow eel looking sassy

These guys are in tanks right by the entrance, and they must be accustomed to frequent gawking and photography. They loved the attention!

The aquarium devotes quite a bit of space to invertebrates, including jelly fish. They are very common in the waters off the Oregon coast, and they are remarkably beautiful as they swim and dip and glide.

Jellyfish in a tank

There are many tanks devoted to sea stars and anemone and other similar creatures which are also common in Oregon. And these are creatures that are also at risk due to pollution and rising water temperatures. I can't help but worry for them when I see them close up. They look so vulnerable.

Sea star in a tank

Fish are also a big draw at the aquarium, and there are tons of interactive exhibits, including this one. I could have stood in front of this tank for hours, watching this school of fish fly by. And I can't help but wonder what Popoki would have made of all of these fish.

In a different tank (don't worry), there were much larger fish, including sharks. The humans can walk within a tunnel and see these big predators flying both above and below. Some tiny children were a little alarmed by all this, as you can imagine. But I found the whole thing just fascinating.

Shark in a tank

Outside, there were tons of exhibits with both birds and sea mammals. Hubby and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the seals eat their lunches, and we were amazed at all of the little puffins darting into and out of the water. We also spent long minutes watching these otters crack open shells as they swam around on their backs.

Otter swimming on his back

All told, the aquarium takes about 3 hours to tour, and it can take longer if you choose to watch the movies that are part of some exhibits. Hubby and I both felt like this was a great way to spend an afternoon, although we did miss our dogs quite a bit. If you're in Oregon, you should visit!

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  1. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. I love the otters. ♥

  2. Have you ever seen the aquarium in Chicago? Also amazing! Great way to spend the day (just don't bring the cats along!)

  3. Great photos, that sea star is really interesting.

  4. Oh I cannot believe I haven't been to the aquarium yet!! I really need to do that this year. The sea otter is adorable. And you got great pics! I lOVE the aquarium. Thanks for sharing these as I rarely see posts or pics from there.

  5. That looks like a great aquarium! We have a small one here on town, and a bigger one upstate. Like you, we always find visiting to be such a treat. Love your awesome pictures! :)

  6. How fun! This sounds like a great aquarium. I love it when they have a tunnel through one of the aquariums. You got some great photos! That eel looks like he was enjoying watching you too.

  7. We love Jellyfish! The way they glide through the water is so soothing!!!