Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Big dog, little bed: How does he choose where to sleep?

Liam the pug in a small dog bed

My husband jokes that there's nowhere for a human to walk in my little writing studio, as every available square inch of floor space is devoted to dog beds and cat beds. He may be exaggerating things for comedic effect, but the truth is that I do have more pet beds than the average person. And while I work hard to find beds that are the right size for my kids, the beds they choose can surprise me.

Take Liam here. He is the largest of the animals I have, and he has a few large pet beds set aside for his use. Even so, he prefers to sleep in this bed.

Liam the pug in a small bed

Technically, this is a dog bed. Originally, I got it for 8-pound Boston terrier Sinead. I thought she'd appreciate a small and cozy bed to sleep in.

But Popoki quickly claimed this bed as her own, and she spends most of her spare time in this bed. So I think of it as a cat bed. And it's covered in cat hair like a cat bed should be.

But Liam doesn't seem to care. He stuffs himself in this little bed and presses his nose up to the edge, to sniff in the cat goodness. I have no idea why he does it, but it's pretty cute.

Liam the pug resting in his cat bed

Do your dogs like to sleep in tight spaces? What about your cats? Leave me a note in the comments and tell me about it. Love to hear your stories.

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  1. So cute!! All my cats love tight spaces - especially my desk drawers!

  2. The boys both have big beds and swap up where they choose to sleep. Pierre prefers to cuddle in our bed at night while Bentley sleeps on his bed.

  3. Liam must be part cat! Ruby doesn't like small spaces but our cats sure do.

  4. Liam loves that bed, for sure. Zoe and Gracie love to take up as much space on the couch and bed as possible. Or at least it seems so sometimes. Ha ha.

  5. It must be about their ability to curl up into a tiny ball -my doxies do the same thing. This looks like the perfect bed!

  6. Liam has the right idea!! There is nothing like cocooning yourself away from the world!

  7. Oh yes, Mini loves curling up in small beds or just about anywhere she can find a cubbyhole :) She thinks it's even better if there is a blanket to get under. It's a common dachshund thing :)

    Thanks for stopping by our blog!

  8. The other evening I laughed out loud when I saw Harley and Jaxson sleeping behind their beds - squeezed up against the wall.