Thursday, February 16, 2017

Dogs love heating pads (and you can use them safely)

Sinead the Boston terrier on her heating pad

Don't tell Sinead the Boston terrier that spring is here. Her little dog body won't believe you. Even though temperatures in Oregon have been climbing into the 60s, she still needs a shirt to avoid shivering. And she'd really prefer to sit in my lap--under a blanket--most of the day in order to avoid the temperatures that she considers cold.

Unfortunately, I have tasks to complete that aren't compatible with small-dog napping. And that means I need to find her another heating solution. Enter the heating pad.

Heating pads are great for small and often-cold dogs because they provide a consistent source of heat from the ground up (like a lap). If I combine a heating pad with a blanket over top, Sinead feels a little like she's sleeping on my lap.

Most of the beds Sinead prefers to sleep in have heating pads. And I always recommend them to other people with small dogs. You can't really argue with the results.

Sinead asleep on her heating pad

That said, there are a few commonsense steps to take when using heating pads.

For starters, they should be turned off when you're not in the room. Like most electrical appliances, they come with fire risks. You need to be there to monitor the dangers.

Also, they should be used in beds that dogs can freely hop into and out of. As much as dogs love heat, they can grow overheated on a pad like this. They need to move away when they're too hot. If you use a heating pad in something like a dog kennel, you don't let them move away. And that can be incredibly dangerous.

And finally, don't use pads like this with dogs that chew. My duo doesn't have a passion for chewing on electrical cords, but many dogs do. If your dog likes to nibble, this isn't the right option for you.

On this Thankful Thursday, as hosted by Brian's Home, we're glad for heat from electrical devices and heat from the coming of spring. What are you thankful for? Join the hop and let us know.

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  1. I have two that I put on low for the kitties.

  2. Sinead looks so comfy! We haven't tried heating pads, but they sound so cozy.

  3. Dang, I wonder why we don't have a heating pad...or 9?!?! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  4. When you aren't home, maybe you could put aluminum foil in her bed to reflect her heat back up to her. When Autumn got old, she had a reflective bed that she loved.

  5. Grandpaw has a heating pad, but Granny is afraid it will electrified the bed, so she prevers flannel sheets or blankies, also for me, but she says, when I need one, she buys one for me for sure :) Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend and sorry we haven't had time to stop by earlier :) <3

  6. What a great idea! Awesome read, I will definitely try this. Thank you for sharing!:) Henry

  7. You have such great advice here! When my angel kitty Rosie grew older and arthritic, we had heating pads and space heaters set up for her. She loved them. Thank you for sharing this!

  8. Sinead always makes us smile. Just look at her sweet face! :)

    Zoe's favorite heating pad is ... me. Ha ha.

  9. She looks so comfy!! Makes me want my own heating pad

  10. That's great. She does look so cozy. I don't have a little dog, but my great big boy loves the heat too. He'll do whatever he can to climb into a lap. I should try this for him, because we have all hard floors.