Sunday, February 19, 2017

Kitten photography: It isn't easy!

Fergus looking out the window

Fergus the Siamese kitten is growing into his good looks. The closer he gets to his first the birthday, the more the fur on his face seems to darken and the more those blue eyes of his seem to grow more depth and shine. He really is a beauty, and I love to take photos of him.

Actually, let me rephrase.

I love to look at his adorable kitten photos. Taking his photos? Not so much. Especially when I'm wearing a leg cast and my mobility is impaired.

Here's how today's Fergus photo shoot started. See that pink tongue? I should have known he wasn't in the mood for photos.

Fergus the cat giving me a raspberry

I tried using toys to help keep him interested in the shoot. But I forgot about that kitten play drive. Instead of the focused shots I was looking for, I got this.

Kitten off the edge of the table, waiting to pounce

He's hoping he can do some kind of sneak attack from the ground and knock the toy out of my hands for a good pounce session. Naughty boy.

Finally, I got him somewhat settled for a selfie. But I only had a second or two to get the shot before he was running off into the other room to try getting something new. My camera wasn't quite ready.

Fergus the kitten in a selfie

Ever-so-slightly blurry, but taken with love. That's probably good enough, right? At least, we hope our friends at The Cat On My Head think so. This is our submission to the weekly Sunday Selfie hop.

Check out the other photos in the hop! You'll be glad you did. But before you go, leave Fergus a note in the comments, won't you? He likes to hear your thoughts.


  1. The last photo is a lovely selfie.

  2. These are great shots! I truly mean that too. The lighting here is horrid and Bear is dark so I'm always editing everything to death. I imagine it can be hard to get a good picture when half of the cat is dark and the other half is white. Even so, you did a great job. Have you nominated any of your pictures for the Nose-to-nose Awards (I'd nominate you myself but I don't have an eye for nuances in photography)? Nominations end tomorrow and I think your photography is stunning.

  3. So beautiful! I think the model was the cat in my dreams last night! (I dreamt we got a kitten we called Cotton and had to wash in the dishwasher . . . . .)

  4. I love all of these shots of Fergus, he is truly a beautiful lad that is really growing into himself. Have a lovely week. Purrs, Erin

  5. So gorgeous! The first one is my favorite.

  6. Such a handsome guy! Oh we know what a challenge kitten photos shoots can be!

  7. Tee!! Hee!! Kittens is cute and furry exciting! Mes is so durry happy that she did catch such a wonderful shot of yous!

  8. Fergus is super gorgeous, and we love your captures of him!

  9. Blurry or not we see right through all of them, Fergus. We think it's a purrfect Selfie of a very handsome and double cute kitty :) Double Pawkisses for a Happy Week ahead :) <3

  10. Lovely pictures! I find dog photography so much easier than kitties.

  11. Fergus is a charmer, and I am (reasonably) sure he will sit still .... one day..... some time... in the far.... far... distant future!!!!