Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Pug reacts to spring's dangers

Liam the pug posing with flowers

Liam the pug just pointed out that spring has arrived in Oregon. How did he notice, you ask? The tiny daffodils that have self-planted near a walkway in the backyard have just popped up. And a few of them are getting ready to bloom already.

I know this comes as a surprise to many of you. Much of the United States is still encased in a block of ice, and nightly temperatures of 20 are lower are common for many of my friends in far-flung spaces. But my little corner of Oregon has been dealing with daytime temperatures in the 50s and nighttime temperatures in the 20s. That's more than warm enough for these little bulbs to start poking their heads up to get some work done.

Liam the pug examines some flowers

These daffodils are an unusual variety that stays short and delicate. When fully grown, they don't rise above the level of my ankle. And their flowers are a gorgeous mix of yellow and orange. I have no idea where they came from, and I certainly didn't buy them, but I do love them.

Unfortunately, I have to be careful with them.

All parts of the daffodil plant are toxic to dogs. The bulbs are especially dangerous, as dogs who chew on the tubers can come down with some nasty digestive symptoms. Families with dogs that dig, as well as families with dogs that gnaw on plants, are encouraged to remove these suckers from any space a dog can get to.

Thankfully, this is the most interaction Liam has with the flowers. I think we're safe.

Liam the pug peeing on some flowers

Spring hasn't only arrived in my back yard. It's also popping up in my writing studio. This weekend, I noticed that my Meyer lemon tree was hard at work in its pot in the corner. Look at all of those flowers! As soon as the weather warms up a touch, I'll have to move this guy outside in the daytime. Lemon plants need a lot of sun in order to set and retain fruit. Indoor light won't cut it.

Lemon plant in the window with blossoms

This is my not-so wordless entry into the BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday blog hop! If you haven't joined in before, give it a shot! You'll meet great new friends.

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  1. Nice post. Here in NM last week, we skipped spring and flew right into summer! This week we slipped back into a snowy winter. So weird.

  2. The winter's here in Charleston are never really long, so I feel as if I'm always living in either spring or summer.

  3. Our daffodils are peeking their heads up too. The boys don't mess with them so we get to enjoy them for a few days each year. They are such happy looking flowers! ☺

  4. Our weather is about the same as yours. Only we are in Chicago and it is supposed to be snowing and very cold at this time of year. Our bulbs haven't started to come up yet - though I am sure they are very confused

  5. What we wouldn't do to have Spring here. All we have is snow.

  6. Oh, how wonderful it is that spring is starting there in Oregon. Ours should be along in a few weeks, and we can hardly wait. :)

  7. Winter is likely to stay here in Michigan for another few months. We often still have snow in April. It is nice to see signs of spring beginning to pop up in your neighborhood! Maybe spring will decide to come early for all of us. :)

  8. Look at that green grass!!! We've got about 18" of snow on the ground :(

  9. Liam expressed his thoughts on daffodils perfectly, lol! Thanks for the reminder. It's been really warm here in Ohio too and I expect some of our bulbs to be popping up soon too.