Thursday, February 2, 2017

Pug sensitivity: Do they know when you're hurting?

Pug and his plant

When pug people are asked to describe their little dogs, they often use words like "Velcro" and "needy." These dogs were bred to be companions to the people they lived with, and as a result, they are very good at sticking close to the people they consider their guardians. It's what they've been bred to do.

But I'd like to add another term to the list. And lately, it's something I've been intensely thankful for. On this Thankful Thursday, it seems appropriate to discuss this trait in a little more detail. The trait: Sensitivity.

When I first came home with my broken leg, which I broke while on a walk with little Liam here, I had to keep my pug away from my leg. Liam tends to be on the exuberant side, especially for a pug, and he romps and scrambles and jumps when he's happy. My leg was not stabilized or set when I was first released from the hospital, so any little bump would make me scream. That meant I needed to keep Liam away from my leg and my lap for the time being.

It didn't take him long to understand that he needed to keep his distance. But instead of sulking and pouting, he just reset his internal barometer. Instead of being 6-8 inches away from me at all times, he was content to be a foot or so away from me. As long as he could see my eyes, he figured he was in a good spot.

Liam the pug in closeup

After my leg was set and pinned together in surgery and I had about 2 weeks to let things knit, I could let Liam get a little closer to me. And once I did, I started noticing how much my injury had taken a toll on his health. He has endured a breakout of yeast on his little facial folds, and he has a similar outbreak inside of his left ear. My husband tells me he isn't eating as well as he did before I was injured. And hubby says Liam has been waking up in the night with nightmares (which the medications allow me to sleep through).

Liam is so sensitive that my illnesses are making him a little ill as well.

So now we're helping one another to recover. I have been cleaning his ears and his face, and that yeast has fading away. I'm sitting with him as he eats, petting his back when he looks up to check on me before taking another bite. And I am working on letting the pug sit with me during the day, using commands like "easy" and "wait" and "stay" to help train him to steer clear of my leg.

And this Thankful Thursday, I am so grateful for Liam. Injuries like this can, at times, make a person feel alone and disheartened. While I don't want my pug to be ill, I'm so touched that he takes my health so seriously that he's willing to dive right in with me in order to make me feel a little better. He's truly with me in this fight. And right now, that's just what I need.

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  1. Oh that sweet face! We sure hope you start feeling better soon. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  2. Oh, he is so sweet! I can see where this could be very tough on some dogs; some are just so much more sensitive than others. I've been down and out with the stomach bug this week, and Luke has been right with me keeping me company; whereas our beagle just goes about her usual routines, not seeming to worry about me one bit! LOL
    I hope your recovery is coming along as well as possible.

  3. Awwwww we hope mew both feel better soon and are sending oodles of healing purrs!

    Basil & Co xox

  4. We are all out of sorts not really understanding why Mom is so weird right now, but we will slowly learn to deal with this and it will pass. Mostly, we all miss our walks. Get well soon!

  5. Liam is incredibly in tune with you. Sorry to hear how stressed he was, I hope you are both doing better.

  6. What a wonderful testament to the loving and incredible bond you have with Liam. Hugs to you both, and purrs for your continued recovery.