Sunday, March 19, 2017

A Sunday cat selfie love story: Two kitties learn to coexist

Fergus the kitten resting

Before I sat down to write this cat blog post this morning, I went to a yoga class for adults. Yoga is part of the recovery plan for my broken leg, and since I have cats, I can't do yoga at home. (Have you tried yoga with cats? If you do, set a timer and see how long it takes for a cat to get on your back. It takes 10 seconds here.) Next door to my adult class, they were holding a yoga class for little kids. Many of the parents of those yoga kids were in the adult class. And as I listened to them, some phrases sounded really familiar.

"He plays and plays and just never calms down."

"When it's time for bed, he still has so much energy."

"I feel like her mind must be racing all the time."

I know these parents were talking about their human kids, but these same little phrases could easily apply to Fergus. This guy has boundless energy (and always has), especially around mealtimes. I can play with him for an hour and he still has energy left behind.

That boundless energy has been really hard on senior cat, Maggie.

Maggie the senior cat
Note that she still hates my walker. Look at those wide eyes!

Maggie has a very gentle way about her, and she doesn't appreciate Fergus and his invitations to romp. He approaches her with all the right play gestures, but she never seems to want to play along. So he pounces, she screams and I run over to break it up.

Or I did.

I'm not quite as fast on my feet as I once was, and this has meant these two little kitties have been forced to work out their difficulties and enhance their communication. I try to help by engaging them in joint play sessions like this (more on this on Tuesday, so check back!).

Fergus and Maggie playing together

But much of the work has been done between these two cats. And they seem to have fallen in love a little bit.

Fergus continues to attempt to engage Maggie in play, and she continues to avoid those advances. But when he is quiet and calm, she has started to engage him in a few cuddle sessions. Earlier this week, we caught her grooming his head for a few minutes. This morning, she even tried to crawl into his bed with him. And this afternoon, she was sleeping on the couch with an exposed belly--which Fergus just sniffed and didn't attack.

These are all wonderful signs, and it makes me wonder if I've been too quick to try to correct behaviors cats can solve on their own. Maggie must be like the parents in my yoga class, understanding that Fergus is just a baby. She may be irritated, but she certainly doesn't hate him. And by allowing her to communicate that, everything between these two cats is going better.

I just had to share this success story with the Kitties Blue on The Cat on My Head as part of the blog hop.

And Fergus wanted me to end the post with a proper selfie. He is posing so nicely here on my lap (you can just see my hip and my walker in the background). Despite his kitten crazies, he remains a loving and sweet guy. And you must admit that he's darn gorgeous too, right?

Fergus the kitten on my lap

Do all of your cats get along? And if they don't, how do you help? Leave me a note in the comments and let me know. And be sure to visit the other blogs in the hop! Good stuff this week.


  1. Fergus is cute. I am glad that he and Maggie are getting on so much better now.

  2. What a sweet story! I bet in no time they'll be the very best of friends :)

  3. This is wonderful! I hope the love fest continues.

  4. I am glad they are co-existing. Also glad you are moving along in recovery and can do yoga.

  5. Fergus, is really quite stunning as is Maggie. How nice that a relationship is finally forming. We have so many different dynamics here. I can deal with any and all of it, except for Misty May bullying Astrid. I've never been able to break that cycle. Misty May just delights in making Astrid scream like a banshee. Anytime a human gets on the floor, a cat is atop them. Kitties Blues' dad goes to the "Y" for yoga. Hope your healing is processing well. Thanks so much for hopping. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  6. I'm so happy they are working it out! All of us get along really well but Brother Simon is full-steam-ahead-kitten that some are not fond of yet. We know he will do fine though.

  7. We absolutely love this post, and are so happy Maggie and Fergus are figuring things out. :)

  8. Great post and a timely piece of advice about co-existing cats, they do need to learn to co-exist. Though in the case of the adorable Lucy, I think from what you said, to exist is to be apart from the youngster. LOL Lovely selfies of them both, and look forwards to your Tuesday post

  9. I also am very happy they are working it out and it sounds like they will not only get along, but actually like each other. I haven't tried Yoga with cats, but I can well imagine it is quite a process.

  10. Maybe they just needed to work things out in their own time, in their own way. Glad to hear things are getting better between them :)

  11. Savannah has never become engaging with Sage except to hiss and growl whenever Sage walks near her. She occasionally even jumps Sage and gives her a closed paw whap or two. Yet they are ok sleeping in cat towers only inches apart. Sage sleeps between me and my husband and Savannah sleeps on my other side. Savannah to,erases Sage and Sage just desperately wants a play mate. We believe Savannah never learned to play with other cats. Sage has boundless energy at 4 years old, it's tough

  12. Ten seconds for a cat to climb onto your back? YOU TIMED 'EM? MOUSES!

  13. It does sound like Fergus and Maggie are beginning to become friends. We hope it continues. Our Zoey is a big scaredy cat and she doesn't get along with the others well, particularly Wally. After 9 years, I don't think they will ever become friends. ~Island Cat Mom

  14. It sounds like you've figured it out for sure. It's like when we want something really bad and then we give up on it, it finally happens! Beau Beau and Angie got along and intermittently would try to assert dominance but for the most part they just existed together without a close bond - eg they never cuddled together.

  15. We like the Selfies of Maggi and Fergus and we are glad they are getting along least they ly together on the couch, with just a little distancešŸ˜¹ Granny's Angel and I weren't so close. He didn't like me, because he was jealous, but Granny talked with him and me and after a lot of talking we tolerated each other, not big furriends, but we could live with each other☺ Pawkisses to all of you and one Healing Pawkiss to your mom for the leg☺❤

  16. Oh this is so good to hear. You did your best to try and mend things (and I would have done exactly the same) but life got in the way and mended it for you. This warms my heart :-)