Sunday, March 12, 2017

Cats on wheels! Kittens are braver than you might expect

Fergus the kitten on a scooter

In about 2 weeks, Fergus will transition from a kitten to an adult cat. But given his behavior, you might not know that adulthood is looming. Fergus still has a great deal of spunk and energy. And his favorite thing is to explore new items that enter the household.

Recently, he's become really enamored with something most of the other pets are afraid of. So I decided that he could pose for his Sunday selfie on this object, so I could tell you a little about what's going on (and how it might apply to your cats).

Fergus the kitten on a knee scooter

Fergus has recently discovered the joys of the knee scooter. This is a piece of equipment I use to help me move from room to room as I recover from my broken leg. It has a padded cushion for my leg that sits at about knee level, and typically it's sitting next to a place where I am sitting. I hop off the scooter and I get into a chair.

For a cat, this is pretty much a perfect place to sit. Fergus is close to humans (which he loves) and he's at lap level, so he can grab any food we might be eating (which he also loves). So whenever I am not on the scooter, he wants to sit on the scooter.

But since he loves it, the scooter is also a touch dangerous.

This thing has four very solid wheels, and it has a very wide turning radius. I don't have a lot of control over how it moves, especially when I am going backward. And when I am on the scooter, it's carrying about 100 pounds of weight.

All of the other animals know to stay about 10 feet in front of or behind me when I'm on the scooter (and some are so afraid of it that they run whenever they see it). But Fergus tends to wind underfoot while I am wheeling. And sometimes, he's been run over.

Fergus the kitten looks angry

It's hard to train a curious and happy-go-lucky cat to be afraid of something. But it can be done. I've been using hand claps and waving hands when I get on the scooter or start to move it backwards. Big gestures and loud sounds tend to freak cats out, and they're good indicators that something dangerous is happening.

I also use loud words like "LOOK OUT" when I am about to bump Fergus with the cart. He tends to scurry when that happens, too.

Thankfully, not much more training is required. In a few weeks, I should be able to start walking again. When that happens, I'll be returning this scooter to the rental shop. I'm sure Fergus will miss his perch, but he might not miss having a more mobile mom.

So, in honor of his last week of scooter work, here's the Sunday selfie he'd like to share with his friends at The Cat On My Head. I think he did a nice job, don't you?

Fergus the kitten on his scooter

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Have a wonderful Sunday! And be sure to check back on Thursday, when Fergus dons a special celebratory costume for St. Patrick's Day.


  1. It is neat to see what scares/doesn't scare an animal.

  2. Fergus is a cutie. I am glad he gets out of the way.

  3. Fergua, you are a kitty after my own heart. I am also a nosy kitty and must know how things work. We are of the same family except I have another mother. MOL


  4. Fergus you sure are gorgeous and these were great selfies of you.

  5. Mommy says that we are kittens until we hit at least two years old 'cause we are still crazy pants during that second year. Fergus is a character. When Mom broke her leg, Giulietta and Fiona thought the wheelchair to be the best seat in the house. So happy Fergus wasn't hurt when he was runover. Happy to know you are progressing on you road to recovery. Love to all. You remain in Mom's prayers. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  6. Thanks for sharing your story. Fergus you rocked your Sunday Selfies today! They were a purrfect match for the story about the evil knee scooter. MOL!

  7. My how he has grown, and it seems so quick too. He has quite a character and I'm sure will be giving us loads of great selfies to admire! Purrs, ERin

  8. What a cutie Fergus is. It's good you have him figured out and know how to keep him from getting hurt.

  9. Fergus sure is a curious kitty! We're glad your on the mend.

  10. That is pretty darn amazing and great photos too!

  11. Fegus is amazing (and has a taste for danger!) Maybe he needs his own scooter.