Sunday, March 5, 2017

Lucy the blind cat learns to live with my broken leg

Lucy the blind cat sitting on my lap

A few weeks back, a reader asked me why Lucy wasn't showing up in the blog post rotation. This reader thought Lucy had been somehow injured due to her blindness, and she wanted more information about what had happened to her.

As I told that reader, Lucy is totally fine. It's me that got hurt. And it made taking photos of Lucy more than a little bit challenging.

Lucy decided, in the middle of 2016, that she no longer wanted to live on the main floor with the rest of the cats. Fergus had just entered the household, Lucy's boyfriend Eamon had passed away, and she just didn't want to deal with the whole mess anymore.

So she moved into the lower level of our household. We spend a lot of time down there, watching television and working on computers, but when I broke my leg, getting down there became a bit of a challenge.

The physical therapy team wanted me to hop down the stairs using crutches. That all sounds fine, until one wants to go back up those same stairs. The team's solution was to make me hop up backwards, with the broken leg pointed behind me. I don't know about you, but the thought of ramming that broken leg into a stair was enough to put me off this idea.

So I scoot down the stairs on my backside, and I scoot back up the same way. It's a fairly efficient way to travel, but it makes carrying a camera bag nearly impossible. Until I had my husband carry the camera for me, I had no way to get Lucy photos.

Lucy the cat soaking up the snuggles

And as a blind cat, Lucy is very sensitive to changes in her environment. In the beginning of her injury, she was very afraid of what was happening to me. She hated the walker I used to get around, and when she hopped on my lap and touched the cast (so hard and unfamiliar), she would hiss and spit. After a few times of this, she stopped coming on my lap at all.

Once the cast came off and I moved to a boot, Lucy had less to be afraid of. And in time, she got used to the walker. Now, we're back to our old routines. She sits on my lap for snuggles, purring happily, every day.

She even poses for selfies.

Lucy the cat posing for a selfie

So rest assured, Lucy fans, that all is good with this girl. And soon enough, all will be good with her mom's leg, too!

I'm sharing these photos as part of the Sunday selfies series, as hosted by The Cat On My Head.

This is one of my favorite hops. I never get tired of seeing sweet faces. Have you joined in yet? You should.

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  1. Lucy, you are such a sweetheart! We're glad that you're back to being yourself :)

  2. Well, this is happy news! I'm so glad Lucy is back for lap time and getting used to the walker. It's great news that your leg is healing!

    Lucy looks so beautiful in all these pictures.

  3. I am glad Lucy is doing well and back to being a lap cat. Also glad you are healing.

  4. You are very dedicated to hop backwards down the stairs for Lucy. We are glad your leg is healing and you will be able to get back to your regular routine soon.

  5. Jean, we're so glad you're making progress with healing. And that Lucy is feeling better about everything, and doing well. :)

  6. It just shows that there are MANY more considerations having a blind cat, but it does also show with time she can adjust. She is wonderful, and thanks for the update on this most precious of girls. Purrs, ERin

  7. Wow ! Good for you and Lucy ! But, as a person who was in a cast for a broken kneecap for six weeks, I can seriously say hopping up and downstairs was a bad idea, and NOT therapeutic ! The solution you found was perfect - The hopping reminds me of the story of the little old lady with a broken leg who, when she finally got her cast off, asked the doctor if she could now walk up and down stairs. When he said she could, she said "Thank Heavens ! It's been such a chore to shinny up and down the drainpipe !"

  8. I am glad lovely Lucy has got used to your walker now. I can't believe the physical therapy team wanted you to hop backwards up the stairs. It makes you wonder if they have ever had to do it themselves with a broken leg, how they would manage. When I broke mine, they wouldn't let me go home until I could go up 3 steps. Luckily they never asked me to go down, and we live on one level anyway. I had 4 steps to go down from our front door and I must say it is quite a leap of faith to do it. We ended up keeping a stool out there which I put on the step below, sit on it, swing my legs round, stand up and put it down to the next step. Quite a palaver but it worked for me.I am just glad I didn't have to cope with a staircase, but your way sounds the best.

  9. Lucy is so sweet!

    Hope your leg is better soon.

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  10. I agree Lucy, you are a beautiful sweetie and I am sure glad some normal showed up for you.

  11. Hello, Lucy! What a beauty! We are so glad that Lucy grew more accustomed to the situation with the leg, but we're even more excited that the leg is improving!

  12. We're so glad that things are getting back to normal again and that Lucy is around you again. We can imagine how she must have felt. Healing Pawkisses continue☺❤