Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Sinead's springtime dog shapeup plan

Sinead with her mother

Sinead the Boston terrier loves the spring. That's due, in part, to the warmer weather that comes along with the spring. This little dog simply does NOT tolerate colder temperatures. When things start to warm up, she gets excited. And that's good, as we have a lot to do this spring, this little darling dog and I.

Disclaimer: This post was triggered by a request from Nature's Recipe. Sinead received a free bag of dog food for her participation. No other compensation changed hands. All opinions are my own. 

I'm still in the recovery stages from my broken leg, as this photo makes clear. My leg is still encased in this boot (which both Sinead and I hate), I have to use a walker or knee scooter to get around, and I can't put more than just a little weight on my left foot, so real walking is out. I have another month of this work, and then I'll pop back to the doctor to see if my bones have knitted enough to allow me to start really walking with both of my feet.

Since I can't do much walking, Sinead hasn't been walking much either. She gets nervous at the idea of being away from me while she walks, and she doesn't seem to care for the shorter, focused walks my husband provides. Plus, it's cold.

So what's she been doing instead? She's been snacking.

Sinead at the dining room table

Her portions have been cut, and in theory, that should help her to lose weight. But it's hard to replace the value of walking with her mother twice per day. Before I was injured, we both walked 2 miles each day. Now, she doesn't walk much at all. And that change is starting to show in her waistline.

So this spring, when I get the all-clear from the doctor, we'll be making every moment count by working back up to walking. We'll go nice and slowly, so she can explore the world as we travel and I can build up muscle in my withered left leg. And we'll enjoy our time together, as we once did.

Treats play a key role in walks with Sinead. I use them to help her overcome her persistent stranger danger syndrome, and I use them to motivate her to keep going when she wants to rest instead. Typically, I use meat-based treats. But when Sinead is watching her weight, we need something different.

So I'm happy to have the opportunity to try this grain-free, salmon-based food from Nature's Recipe. The bites are small, even for little dogs like Sinead, so they make for ideal training treats.

Sinead eating her kibble

And since Sinead eats kibble for her noontime meal, I'm happy that this food is nutritionally sound. The first ingredient is salmon, which is ideal. The first ingredient in any dog food should be something a human both recognizes and would eat.

Another bonus: This food is relatively easy to find. In fact, I can get it at my local grocery store. If Sinead and I head out on longer walks to far-flung places, it's nice to know that I can get her the food she needs if I run out.

Sinead the Boston terrier with her food

So this spring, look for a woman walking very slowly with a tiny dog. And look for that woman handing out teeny-tiny bites of food to keep that little dog motivated. That woman will be me, and I'd love to say hello!

But don't wait for that time to talk me up. Before you leave, drop me a comment about what you'll be doing this spring with your pets. Are walks in your future? Let me know!

Disclaimer: Sinead was sent a bag of this dog food to try, in return for an honest opinion. All words here are my own, and no other form of compensation changed hands. Rest assured that Sinead and I only review products we think have real value for readers.


  1. i love how your green nails match your green shoes in the first photo! we will keep our eyes out for you!

  2. How great that Sinead can have such a tasty AND good for her snack while she's watching her figure. If we lived close by, we would totally look for you and Sinead, and we would definitely say hello! :)

  3. That's good news that you will soon be walking together again! Enjoy your treats Sinead! They sound delicious :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  4. I hope when you get examined in a month, you will be all healed.