Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Don't mess with a pug and his toys

Liam the pug with his toy

Like most pugs, Liam is pretty relaxed about most things. He doesn't care about loud noises, new people or unusual scents entering his space. He embraces most of the things he encounters with a happiness and grace that's really unusual and wonderful.

But there's one thing he takes very seriously: His toys.

Liam tends to fixate on one specific toy at a time, and when he's made his selection, he plays with that toy every day. Right now, his toy looks like this.

Liam the pug and his favorite toy

It's a scientist person wrapped up in a snake, with his head and feet sticking out. Liam thinks this is the best toy ever made. He throws it in the air, he buries it in blankets and shakes it out, he chews on it until it squeaks for hours and he runs after it endlessly in games of fetch. He loves this toy.

And he is very protective of this toy. He chases all other animals away from this thing, which is a problem, as he sometimes leaves it in the middle of the room. If the other animals walk by it, he runs over to scoot them away from what he considers precious.

Which means I've been getting a lot of looks from the Fun Police these days.

Sinead the Boston terrier as fun police

Sinead doesn't like this kind of chaos in the household, but she knows she's too small to fix it herself. So lately, she's been asking me to pick up the toy and move it. When I look down, I see this little stern face staring up at me.


Do your dogs take play very seriously? Leave me a note in the comments and tell me all about it. Love to hear your stories!

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  1. The rules for toys can be very confusing to humans!

  2. Oh, that is one withering look from the fun police! Rita is a lazy player. She's really only into the game for a short time and then she's had enough!

  3. Liam, we know that's YOUR toy, and wouldn't dream of touching it!

  4. So funny! I guess we all have to have our favorite toys. :) It's great that Sinead knows that she can come to you when her world feels chaotic.

  5. We wouldn't think of taking your toys, Liam.

  6. Nothing should come between a pug and his toys!

  7. Aw, that's so cute! It's so funny to watch how our pups play with their toys and it must be hilarious watching Liam shake that little scientist guy, haha!