Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Shelter cat stories: Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice the cat in her kennel

There are some shelter cats that touch the staff and the volunteers in unique and lasting ways. These are the cats we keep talking about, long after they've left the shelter behind. This is Pumpkin Spice, and she's one of these cats.

Unlike a lot of memorable cats, Pumpkin Spice has no real medical issues. In fact, she's a very young kitty at just 2yo, and she's a slim-and-trim 8 pounds. She's a touch unique in that she's a girl and an orange tabby, but we have another kitty like that in the shelter right now. It's not her physical being that sets this cat apart.

What makes her special is her ability to connect with the people she meets. Everyone I talked to about this cat today told me some version of this sentence: "Well, Pumpkin Spice really likes me more than anyone else."

Somehow, Pumpkin Spice manages to make everyone who meets her feel special. It might be due to how overwhelmingly affectionate she is. Pumpkin not only purrs, but she kneads and climbs and hugs. She tries to put as much of her body in contact with your body as possible.

And when you walk away, this girl tries to reach out with her little paws to pull you back in for a longer visit. That's a sure-fire selling technique that makes her memorable.

Pumpkin Spice looking at another kitty in the background

In the past, I wouldn't have spent a lot of time with Pumpkin, because she's one of those cats that's destined to leave the shelter quickly. But as I mentioned last week, I'm in re-entry mode in the shelter. I'm trying to find ways to make the volunteering experience devastatingly fun, so I'll want to come back to it again and again. Spending time with Pumpkin Spice and cats like her should help. Just being with cats like this lifts the mood.

Pumpkin has been at the shelter for about a month, but she's been in and out of the infirmary with a cold and then a spay surgery. This might be her first week on the adoption floor, and I expect her to go fast. But if you know of someone who is willing to come and get her in at Willamette Humane Society in Oregon, shoot them over! The sooner she goes home the better.

And if Pumpkin isn't right for you, a former week's shelter cat story focus (Pacman) is still waiting for help. Let's get him moving, too!


  1. She hasn’t been adopted yet with all her purrsonality? What’s wrong with people? I like to think I make each of the peeps feel special by biting them equally.

  2. Pumpkin is beautiful, I know she will get snatched up quickly. We have a ginger girl, Prancie, but we also call her pumpkin sometimes.

  3. Oh my, such a sweetie! We hope she will be going home super soon!

  4. She definitely looks irresistible!

  5. She's adorable...and we hope she does find her home soon.

  6. We have cats like that at our shelter, too. Pumpkin Spice sounds like such an amazing kitty! :)