Thursday, May 25, 2017

Cat food review: Nature's Logic canned diet

Jasper the cat with cans of food

Older cats like Jasper here need good nutrition more than they ever did before. The right diet can keep them at the right weight, so they don't deal with discomfort due to degenerative bone diseases. And the right diet can keep their organs healthy, so they can avoid some of the intestinal discomfort that comes with old age.

So I'm always looking for food that will help Jasper. And that's why I was happy when Nature's Logic reached out and asked me to write up a review of their canned cat food. I was given samples to try, in return for my honest opinion about the food. So here we go.

Jasper lying on canned food
The cans make nice pillows, Jasper says.

I was given two types of food to try: One was a sardine-based diet and the other was a duck-and-salmon diet. Both of these foods are remarkably stinky, due to that inclusion of fish. That's a plus when you're feeding an older cat, as some of them don't eat as well as they might. A heavy scent can tempt them to eat, and since this food is already scented, I didn't need to heat it or tinker with it to make it enticing.

The food itself is a pate consistency, which most cats quite enjoy. I added a little water to the food, just to make it easier to lap (and to ensure that Jasper's aging kidneys get all the water they need), but I would imagine that some younger cats wouldn't need that modification.

The duck and salmon food was a huge hit, and Jasper has consistently cleaned his plate when this is the food he's been offered.

Jasper wants more cat food

But the sardine flavor wasn't so popular. It could be that the food was just a little too rich, as he ate some of it but not all of it. Or it could be that Jasper just doesn't love sardines. Much as I keep asking him what drives his preferences, he has yet to answer. So the mystery remains.

Both diets are made with meats that are not sourced from China. And both list meat as the first ingredient. Neither diet includes corn, wheat, rice, soy or potato. And there are no man-made synthetic vitamins, minerals or amino acids included. The company states that it provides "Safe and complete nutrition," and based on what I see in the ingredient list (and what I do not), I agree.

If you'd like to try a little of this food on your own, Nature's Logic has a handy retailer button on the website. I found two stores near my little town that sell it, which makes me believe this should be an easy product to find in your local, independent pet retailer store. But if not, it is available online.

Would your cat eat something like this? Leave me a note in the comments and let me know!


  1. I've actually never heard of this brand. Thanks for the review. I'mma check it out!

  2. That sounds like some good-quality, healthy food. And from the looks of Jasper's dish ... very tasty!

  3. We have tried the Nature's Logic and we loved it. Notice we said "loved." For some reason we're not as enamoured with it as we once were. But we're cats...we're like that. The mom says it's a really good quality food though and wishes we would eat it more.

  4. I just love the look on Jasper's face--enough talk woman and feed me already!