Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Catios for cats and plants!

Popoki the cat in her catio

When I first heard about the catio concept, I was skeptical. I couldn't understand why a cat would need a screened-in spot to experience the great outdoors. And I had no idea how people could incorporate a dedicated cat space onto their houses without the whole thing looking tacky.

Since then, my opinions about catios have evolved. In fact, it's safe to say that I am a gigantic catio fan.

Popoki has thrived with the addition of her catio. She uses it for sunbathing, for bird watching and for sleeping. She spends at least 2 hours of every sunny day enjoying the outdoor space my hubby made for her. I firmly believe her life is better because of this space.

And now, we're using the catio to do even more.

Lemon plant

My leg still isn't healed up enough to allow for full-scale gardening. Crouching and digging for hours just isn't possible when your ankle doesn't bend as far as it should. But, I can and do grow a few choice crops in containers, including Meyer lemons and strawberries.

These two plants have beautiful flowers and absolutely wonderful fruit. I think so, and so do the squirrels that live in my yard. If I had this plant in the yard, the fruit would be picked clean long before I had a chance to eat it.

Enter the catio.

My catio has a screened-in top section, so it gets full, unshaded light for much of the day. That makes it an ideal spot for plants that need full sun. And the screen keeps the squirrels and birds away from the crops.

Popoki the cat and her strawberries

Popoki doesn't mind sharing her space with these plants. In fact, she seems to enjoy having them out there. They provide her with a little shade during some hot times of day, and they provide her with hiding spaces she likes to use while birdwatching.

I'll be curious to see if she eats my strawberries, but for now, she seems uninterested in eating anything out there. She just likes to be near the greenery.

I'll keep you posted on the crop situation, so check back for more photos! But before you go, are you growing any crops in your summer garden? Leave me a comment and let me know!


  1. That is sweet of Popoki to share her catio with your plants.