Sunday, May 21, 2017

Summertime family selfies: Dogs and cats getting along

Popoki the cat on the deck

Popoki the cat loves a good leash walk, especially when the weather is fine. Now that we're routinely experiencing days above 80 degrees, she's spending a lot more time out on the deck with her people and a few of her pet companions.

Leashes make those visits possible. And for those of you who have never used a leash with a cat before, there are good reasons to try them out.

Leashes allow cats that are accustomed to (and prefer) living indoors to experience the outdoors in a safe and supervised way. Popoki here can't be footloose and fancy free without a leash because she really has no idea how to navigate the territory. And since she's declawed, she could get into a great deal of danger if she encountered another animal as she walked around the neighborhood. She has no weaponry.

While she's on a leash, I can make sure she doesn't wander away. And I can make sure that nothing gets close enough to her to harm her. And that's good news indeed.

Popoki does have many other animals that are safe that she visits with while on her leash. Like this guy.

Liam the pug on the deck

Liam considers himself a sort of cat protector, and he pays close attention to Popoki when she's on her leash in the yard. He stays close at hand to make sure she is comfortable, and he does a lot of sniffing of her breath and her fur, just to make sure she doesn't get into anything.

In the background, Jasper is doing a little lounging in his favorite spot. At one point, I had to worry about whether Jasper would feel territorial and aggressive about Popoki being on his deck, and I had to use a lot of commands to keep these two cats apart. But now, they seem slightly more comfortable with one another.

Popoki and Jasper on the deck

This is an amazing development, and it's quite good for Popoki. She is very afraid of other cats, and it's sometimes hard to provide her with positive cat experiences. By using her leash, I can introduce her to friendly cats at a distance, and that might help her to accept other cats at some point down the line.

Popoki had such a great time that she thought she'd cap off the evening with a selfie, to share with our friends at The Cat On My Head. I think she did a fine job. Don't you?

Popoki the cat poses for her selfie

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  1. It is a beautiful selfie! Glad you are able to get out Popoki.

  2. Popoki is such a cutie. I have been thinking of using a harness/leash for Phoebe and Joanie because they seem interested in the outside.

  3. Ya done good, Popoki ! Glad you have furriends like Liam and Jasper to help you feel safe.

  4. She did just purrfect! Leash training is something I'd really like to try with Mudpie but I fear how she'd react coming face to face with the neighbor cats...she's not exactly a fan of fellow felines, unfortunately.

  5. It's great that Popoki does so well with the harness! I love that picture of Liam and how he looks out for Popoki. Pierrot loves to be out on our balcony and Annie enjoys it sometimes. Jasper sure looks comfy!

  6. Go Poopoki! Great job. Peaches and Paprika run away when I even THINK about leashes.

  7. Popoki, we love that you're enjoying your leash walks, sweet girl. And how great that Liam looks out for you, and that you're feeling pretty good about Jasper! :)

  8. What a wonderful group of selfies!!
    Bilbo, Jakey & Arty

  9. She did a purrfect job and she's very brave too😸 We loved the story about walking around and all your Selfies too😎Pawkisses for a wonderful day😘❤😻

  10. Nice selfie, Popoki! I love going outside with my harness on but the mom rarely takes me. I gotta change that. ~Wally