Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Meet the new foster kittens!

Foster kitten with mother

My kitten fever reached a fever pitch this week, so when Willamette Humane Society asked me if I had the room to help with a few hissy/spitty kitties that needed socialization, I leapt at the chance. These guys don't need help with eating, using the litter box or with medications. They just need to learn to trust people and remember that humans don't want to cause them harm. That's something I'm well equipped to do. So let me introduce you to the crew. You'll be seeing plenty of them on the blog in the next few weeks.

The first is Satchmo here. He's a pretty grey/brown/white tabby boy you might be a medium-haired cat by the time he grows. He is the least feral of the three, as he is the most likely to ask for attention from humans when he needs something.

Satchmo the foster kitty

This is Lena Horne (can you tell that this litter has been named after jazz singers?). Lena is the least socialized of the three. She is the most likely to hiss at me when I try to pick her up and/or hold her. And she is the least likely to run to the front of the kennel for attention, even when I have something lovely to offer, like food or treats.

Lena will need quite a bit of help in order to learn that humans are awesome. I'm using the purrito move to help her adjust to being around humans.

Lena Horne foster kitten

And finally, this is Nina Simone. She falls somewhere between her two siblings in terms of friendliness. She is sometimes approachable in her kennel, and she solicits attention. But she sometimes lets her fear get the best of her, and when that happens, she snuggles with Lena for support.

Nina Simone foster kitten

There were seven kittens in this litter, and Nina is the only one in the group with long hair. I imagine that she'll be a real beauty when she grows up. But she does need to learn to think on her own two paws and accept the help humans can deliver. I hope to convince her of that while she's here!

All of these guys are about 5 weeks old, so they need about a month of love and coaxing and tenderness before they're ready for adoption from Willamette Humane Society. Stay tuned to read up on their progress!


  1. holy cuteness!!! we bet they are lovey in no time

  2. Your fosters are adorable! Looking forward to any tips or tricks : )

  3. Oh my goodness, they are all so cute and we can't wait to see more of them!

  4. Aw, they're all so cute! They're in good paws.

  5. Good luck ! These three are real cuties !

  6. Holy cat, they're adorable! I love that they're named after some of jazz legends. They sure are lucky to be fostered by you, Jean. :)

  7. You're the perfect person to help these hissy ones.

  8. satchmo looks like such a fluffy chunker in that first picture. very cute. enjoy the little furballs, jean