Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Office pets: Who should be employee of the month?

Three animals in my office

All three of these animals spend the workday with me in my office. Popoki the cat, lurking in the back of this photo, is out here all the time. But the dogs come in when I head to work in the morning, and they go back into the main house in the evening when I wrap things up at night.

So technically, I guess you could say that they're all employees. They all go to work, and they stay at work all day, just like I do.

Which brings me to the question: Who should be employee of the month?

I've seen some hilarious Instagram photos in which someone in my situation names a pet the employee of the month and posts a photo of said pet on a dedicated wall with a photo. And the funniest thing about these posts is that this person has only one pet, so it's a wall of the same photos with different months.

But I have three pets, so there could be some stiff competition here.

Popoki the cat and Sinead the Boston terrier

These two are in the running for the month of June. (The pug was excluded this month for barking during the middle of a telephone call.)

Both Popoki and Sinead are very quiet while I'm at work, which means people I work with rarely know that they're in my office and sharing my space. And these two also have their relaxation skills down, so they're good to have around during stressful workdays. I can just look down on them sleeping and feel more at ease myself.

But I think this girl deserves the award this month.

Popoki the cat is employee of the month

She's managed to stay off camera during all of my video conferences over the last 30 days, and she has stayed out of my tea and coffee mugs. She's also spent quite a bit of time on my lap over the last few chaotic weeks, delivering needed purr therapy. And she whapped at the pug for being noisy a time or two, so she gets points for law enforcement.

So congratulations, Popoki! You're employee of the month.

Be sure to share a note of congrats for Popoki. I'm sure she'll love to hear about them. And be sure to join in the blog hop, as hosted by BlogPaws! Good stuff this week.


  1. Concatulations, Popoki! Well deserved!

  2. Congratulations Popoki! You are a good kitty.

  3. We can tell by looking at you Popoki that you're a winner!

  4. Concats Popoki! I don't believe the pug was disqualified by joining in on a conference call.

  5. Congrats to Popoki! I think you made a good choice. Kitties do make great employees. :)

  6. Congratulations, Popoki! If only workplaces had more dedicated employees like you!!

  7. Hehe. Cute! Congrats, Popoki! So funny... I used to work from home, and I swear our beagle would somehow always start barking while I was on a conference call! Since I was the only one on the calls usually who worked from home, everyone always knew it was my dog!

  8. Excellent! Congratulations, Popoki. We know you could do it!

  9. Congratulations to Popoki! Brulee would probably win it at our house. Truffle is always getting in front of the monitor

  10. Congrats, Popoki! Great pics :)

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  11. Replies
    1. Lol! Fergus doesn't get to spend time in the office. This is a cat-free zone (aside from Popoki, who is a cat but who thinks she is a dog).