Thursday, June 15, 2017

Shelter cat stories: Help a Maine Coon find a home

Izzy the shelter cat

What's it like for a young cat to live in a shelter? If you're a positive, glass-half-full cat like Izzy here, shelter life is a dream. You get plenty of food, you get to meet lots of wonderful people and you get the medical care you so desperately need.

But what's better? Never returning to the shelter again for a long stay. And for cats like Izzy, that's more than a wish. It's imperative.

Izzy came to the shelter with a very severe allergic reaction. Her skin was full of sores. She was itchy. Her throat was swollen. Her lip bled.

She came to my home for foster support, so she could get immuno-suppressant drugs to help calm her system and help to heal her body. She's still on those drugs, and she is doing better. She is healing.

But she can't stay in my home forever. She needs a home of her own. And she can't really go back into the shelter for adoption and stay there for weeks, as her immune system isn't working due to the medications.

Izzy the Maine Coon

I've looked into Maine Coon rescue organizations, as Izzy is very likely some kind of Coon mix (look at that tail!). But I can't find a group close to Oregon that can take her. I'm hoping I can find someone near to me that can adopt her from my home, so she won't have to go back to the shelter, but it's hard to get the word out.

And that's a shame, as Izzy has so much to offer.

She seems wonderful with both dogs and cats, and I've introduced her to all sorts of people and have yet to meet someone she doesn't love. She absolutely adores attention, from both men and women, as this video makes clear.

Listen to her cheep!

She needs a home in which she'll get a great deal of love and affection. She is a needy little thing, so she might like to be in a home in which she is one of the only cats or she has little competition for affection.

She is 100 percent housebroken, and she is not destructive (although she could be with all of her extra toes!).

Can you help me spread the word about Izzy? She's at Willamette Humane Society in Salem, Oregon. I'm here to answer any questions anyone might have about her care. Thank you!


  1. I hope this sweetie gets a forever home soon.

  2. She is beautiful. I hope she finds a home soon.
    Yael from

  3. Izzy is beautiful! We're purring that she finds a home soon.