Comments policy

Liam the pug with his comments
I moderate comments on this blog. That means anything you write will be read by me before it's posted. And there are a few comment types that I won't post.


Because some types of comments contain information that is harmful to me, my readers, or the community at large. And other types of content are spammy, and have the potential to make my site look like spam.

Comments I don't publish include:
  • Foul language
  • Threats
  • Descriptions of violence
  • Racist language
  • Sexist language
  • Off-topic comments that don't pertain to the blog post I wrote (think: "Great piece! Check out my bow-tie sales site in New Jersey!")
  • Overt sales pitches (much like the above)
For the most part, these are decisions that I alone make. But I also listen to the Google algorithm. When the site tells me a comment is likely spam and it is caught up in the filters, I pay attention.

If a comment you wrote has been blocked and you disagree with that, see this page for contact information. I'm happy to hear your side of things.

(Thanks to Copyblogger for the reminder that I needed this disclosure!)